Expected trends for 2012?

Alright ladies and gentlemen, look into your crystal ball and tell me what the suspected trends for this spring are! (:

-<3 Always-



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  • Bright colors, corals, punks, yellows, bright greens.

    Same with make up.

    Bathing suit bottoms are becoming larger. More of boy shorts and 1950's style bottoms.

    That is all I can see in my crystal ball for now.

    • Hmm...well boy shorts are GREAT. They don't ride up or anything..and being a girl, most of us are self-conscience...so that will increase self-confidence alot..and are you talking about BRIGHT MAKEUP as in La Roux's Bulletproof music video?

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    • Hey thanks for Ba :D

    • Absolutely Welcome! (:

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  • Doomsday cults.

    • Hahah. Well...maybe we've been reading the Mayan Calendar backwards; meaning the world is supposed to end in 5105? Always possible! ahha. Nah. 12/21/12 is really just a celebration..Researchers just realized their mistake. (which was reading hieroglyphics wrong) It's supposed to be a celebration where the "gods" come down and watch over the celebration...So it will sorta be like "Halloween" to us.

    • I can see it now.. the God's all partying and one being like "ohhhh crap, I was drunk when I wrote that down... hmmmm, oh well"

    • Hahahaha, that's great!

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