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A guy used to sit next to me in class. We never talked. (I'm a pretty shy girl and he's a pretty outgoing guy). One day he found me on facebook and asked me to be his friend. Then like a week later he messaged me and started to flirt with me. After that whenever we saw each other in class, when he sat next to me, we kinda remained the same, we sorta talked and joked. Then another week later he messaged me again and asked if I had a bf. I said I didn't (Ive never been in a relationship) so he said he wanted to get to know me. We exchanged numbers and we texted for a while. We then went out to lunch and I ended up giving him head. About 2 weeks after that I spent the night over his house and I gave him head again and he fingered me but that was it. (Im a virgin and he knows it) We were going to but ended up not. (dont ask!) Anyways that was the night I realized he was'nt looking for a relationship with me and I felt kinda I don't know played. I'm very new to the dating realm. No I'm not ugly and I dress nice, their were guys that came my way who wanted to go out with me but I had to turn them down because my family is very religious (it soo complicated), and this was the first time I decided to take a chance (behind my family). I'm 18. Well, anyways, he's always texting me wanting to get together with me (mainly to hook up). He's always asking me "so you really like me or your really interested in me aren't you?" I never know what to say because I don't wanna be like yea I like you a lot because I want him to say that he likes me, which he hasn't said that. I just say yea ur a cool guy.

I know I must sound sooo stupid to you guys, but I really don't know what to make of it. Please if I could have any advice-as much as you guys can give would be great. Please be honest.


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  • Even though you're knew to the dating scene it's good that you have your head on straight. He definately isn't interested in being your feelings, emotions, personality. He just wants the body at the moment. First of all don't wait for him to slow down and try to get to know you...if he had done it right he would have made you naturally want to open up to him in the first place. As a man myself who SOMETIMES has these same attitudes/actions towards women, I'm glad to see you hopefully get out before you get hurt emotionally or sexually. You as a woman HAVE THE RIGHT to be a virgin and finding the right guy (although in this modern world, and the sake to keep your virginity, might have to look at the church boys for your relationship style) will happen. Be honest to yourself for YOU. Good luck.


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  • So the first time you go out to lunch you give him head? Was that on the menu?

    You don't want ME to be honest, because I will be. And I will get down rated because of it too, even though you are asking for me to be.

    I'll ignore the whole thing and just tell you to ignore this guy and tell him you want a real relationship where sex and sexual things wait before you get to know each other more.

  • I imagine it kind of feels sucky to have given up something so intimate for so little in return. I can see how you feel cheap and used, or perhaps easy, as you put it. I always think it is a really bad idea to be sexually intimate in a shallow relationship. And I also think oral sex is every bit, if not more intimate than vaginal sex. So yes, you gave it up pretty easy considering the values you grew up with.

  • You have the right idea about him. He's taking advantage of your innocence. You're doingthe right thing by staying back.

    Find a nother nice shy guy to start with...

    • How did he take advantage of her innocence? No where in there did I see an example of him doing so.

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