How can girls feel less ugly?

I notice that we all do.

What helps to lessen that "ugly" feeling .

I feel like I'm ugly.
its weird that guys are the ones so far answering this question.

Thank you .

Does it help if I tell you that I used to be really really overweight ( 60 pounds) ?

My friends say that I have changed on the outside but I still feel like that ugly , left out fat girl.

Hopefully I won't feel like that for long .


Most Helpful Guy

  • The first thing is: STOP comparing yourself to OTHER GIRLS. Just STOP. You are YOU.

    Your only "competition" is with yourself. Ideally, you want to improve something about yourself every day, and it doesn't have to be anything to do with physical appearance or beauty, it can be knowledge, or improving your attitude, or helping someone else, or whatever. If you can look in the mirror at night and say "today, I improved myself by..." and write that down, in no time, you'll have a huge list of positive changes about yourself.

    Second, I have no idea what you look like, and neither does anyone else here. But obviously you're insecure about something. That doesn't matter. You need to realize that most things about your physical body can't be changed; if you're tall, you won't become short, and if you're short, you won't become tall. If you naturally have big boobs and hips, you'll never be a string-bean.

    BUT... yes, there may be a few things you CAN do to improve your physical body. You probably already know what they are, so if you think it would make you feel better about yourself, then DO them. And if you know what you want to do but don't know how to get there from here, find someone who does and let them help you. This is mostly exercise/toning stuff, but could also be learning to style your hair differently, or put on your makeup differently (or to use LESS for BETTER effect). Maybe you need help with your wardrobe, finding things that show you off in the best way. Whatever.

    With that stuff, your only competition is YOU. Don't be afraid to take pictures of yourself before you start, and then keep taking pictures as you find ways to improve. You might be shocked.

    Finally, know that GUYS ARE NOT AS PICKY AS YOU THINK! Your girlfriends are the ones that have make you think we are, but we aren't. We are experts at finding beauty in females, and most of us are not at all bothered by little things that you girls seem to think are HUGE flaws. A stretch mark, a bit of cellulite, a couple extra pounds, that stuff isn't important to us. Your personality and positive attitude is what's important to us.

    Sometimes, I really wish women could see themselves as we see you...

    • Your update reminds me of a scene from the recent baseball movie "Moneyball". The general manager is about to give up on his idea, and his assistant brings him in to see some footage of his "farm league" team. One of the players is a big guy (strong but overweight, and a bad baserunner). He's never rounded the base at first before, terrified that he'll get thrown out at second. But this day, he gets a hit, and his base coach waves him around. He rounds first, but turns around to go back.

    • He slips and falls and tries to crawl back to first base before he is thrown out. He feels humiliated. Meanwhile, everyone, even the other team, is telling him to get up and keep going. You see, he hit the ball out of the park; he hit a home run and didn't even know it.

      That sounds a lot like you. You're so used to thinking that the best you can do is get to first base, that you don't even realize it when you hit a home run...

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  • *sighs*. go stand in front of a mirror, take out a notebook and list all the good things about your body. ignore the bad things. the things you probably think are bad, no one really notices. the good things people notice, and make the good things better. yep.

  • Take heart in the fact that even if it feels like you are ugly, opinions on this subject differs. When I talk with my friends about a girl I find attractive, sometimes all I get is confused stares. And vice versa ^^

  • you should feel like that in the first place but if you do then just think of it as.."Its only a phase you gong through"

  • Improve what it is that makes you feel ugly about yourself? I mean women are the prettier ones of our species so, I think that's enough there lol.

  • tap on my window knock on my door I wana make you feel beautiful. get a guy ;p

  • Stop giving a sh*t about the media.


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  • for me its being healthy just going to the gym or walking 40 minutes a day I see a difference on my face and body I get that 'glow' and everything seems flatter and smooth

    also eating right fruits veggies fish grilled chicken I see a difference in my skin and feel prettier

    just admire your own unique beauty no other girl can have what you have so be proud of it

    also get out alone in the city and explore, be approachable you'll be surprised how many guys look at you and try to flirt with you, its such an ego boost I notice it happens when I'm alone and approachable


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