Does he find me unattractive?

I've been seeing this guy for a while, and now that I am comfortable with him I like to show a lot of skin for him. I wear short skirts, and very revealing dresses. Sometimes I don't wear my panties. Normally I don't do this unless I am very comfortable around a guy. It's been a mild winter, so I've been able to show off around him. This is only around him, I don't go out everyday wearing a really short skirt with no panties in public. It's only when we hang out.

However, today he told me he would like if I didn't wear such skimpy clothing all the time around him. He liked it when I was wearing my oversized sweaters and my jeans that he could take off me.

What? I was wearing skimpy clothing for him! Now he wants me to cover up? I could understand if we were in public and I had other guys eyeballing me or something. Which I don't do. I don't feel that pretty to be honest, so I am excited that a guy actually likes me, so I am trying to please him in every way.

Does it mean he thinks I am ugly too if he wants me to cover up?


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  • No he doesn't mean that. Sometimes guys aren't into girls that seem like they want to please every guy they meet. Not that you're like that. He just wants you to cover up because he might not be into skimpy dressing girls.


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