Reality Check: Why do girls rate other girls so much lower than the guys do?

I could just say its them being jealous or something, but is it something more? Like a different dating style maybe?

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Guys Rating: 9.5

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And in case you are interested, here is my reality check post...

Describe your ideal first date; Where do you go? What do you wear? How does the date end?

I wear something stylish, noticable, but not revealing, and we go to a local pub and have some drinks to see how we get on. If we get on well, maybe back to his or mine to watch a film, maybe even stay over and kiss but no sex.

Afterwards..what will your date know about you?

That I love humour, and like to chat and joke a lot. My past experiences might come up. e.g. living and working abroad. I guess some of my tastes in regards to comedy, films, music, and that I have some odd interests. I think I'd also reveal that I am vegan and care a lot about animals, they'd also know however that I am not a hippy and quite blunt and logical.

So, why is my average from men at 9.5, while women rate me a measley 5? Ok I haven't had that many votes all together, but I was also interested if this was a trend...


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  • You're always more critical about things which you judge yourself harshly for. Women try to hold themselves to such a high standard and when given the opportunity to judge another woman to this same ideal they are just as critical on them as they would be on themselves.

    Men aren't looking at the flaws, they checking out the hottie...

    • You reckon men are more influenced by looks on that?

    • I just think women are looking for flaws because that's what they see in themselves versus men who are more apt to look at a woman and appreciate her individual beauty. I think both men & women are influenced by looks & when looking at a photo there's little else to go off of. I'm not surprised men rate higher. Men tend find women attractive... =)

    • You hit the nail on the head.

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  • I think the guys rating was not accurate. I would have given you a 10.0 because you are a 10. And that's the truth.

  • They're jealous of you


What Girls Said 3

  • i just find it funny that the girls rate the other girls low I don't I'm not jealous of something silly like that so I rate every one fairly

    • I know! Me too, that's why I was surprised at the huge difference. I mean 5 to 9.5 is pretty massive!

  • Girls are more critical. I know I am. It's not so much bitchiness (not in every case), but we usually have more of an eye for detail. Guys don't look at flaws, they are like she's hot or not. A girl might see some split ends or an out of season bag.

  • well. I'm not saying you a slut haha. btu in high school the sluttier you are. the hotter the guys think you are and the ulgyer the girls see you.

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