Why do women hate golden boxers?

i noticed this a lot. one day I when to the mall with 4 cousins of mines(they where girls) and we ran into a rack full of those type of boxers they had different kinds such as gold, silver, sparkling black, etc. and I though they where cool but my cousins where like "nasty" and one of them said "if you wear one of these, chicks are gonna think your gay". I even remember an episode in that old mtv show Room Raiders where a chick search one of the guys room and he had a collection of those boxer, after she saw these she got a negative reaction and at the end of the show she even turn him down because of these. I mean why do women hate these type of boxers so much?


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  • hehe golden boxers. rocky horror picture show much?

    but I don't know I think something that flashy is just entertaining, and if a guy had them and was joking around when he'd wear them, then nothing wrong. but if he bought them in all seriousness, maybe I'd question it silently.


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