Alternative girl with tie?

Simple what would you think of this outfit: Plain jeans, Black shirt and a lose red necktie? I'm kinda alternative, but nothing big. I'm not directly Emo or something like that, I just tend to like the color black (on me as clothes or hair color) more. I wear "normal" clothes everyday, but want to mix it up a little. Do guys find it weird or anything? So please opinions? Guys and Girls are welcome? :)


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  • wear whateva you want. I'm sure some people will like it and some wont, but you can't please everyone, so just please yourself.


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  • That is a pretty solid outfit. Just make sure it's not a reguar black shirt or it might be a little overbalanced with the tie just hanging there. Especially with red. Use a black collard shirt for the biggest bang. You can also take the black collared shirt and layer it with a band tee underneath it for a little more pop.

    Take the same outfit and layer it with black shorts and fishnets for a more feminine alternative look. Good Luck!

  • I use to wear outfits like this but I was 12. If you like them then wear it. You only have yourself to impress. If a guy finds it weird then he obviously isn't right for you.