How to you evaluate women in swim suits?

I wait to pass judgment until she bends over. I like them to be adequately covered but showing all the curves when wet or dry.
Please remember to RATE, and to tell what criteria YOU use..!
Guys are scared to speak on this, obviously!


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  • Hmm, well I don't pass judgement or anything like that, and I actually love to see people with all different types of bodies in bathing suits. For a lot of people, the beach and swimming areas in general can be rather scary (especially for females), so I really admire all the people for having the confidence and ability to go there rockin' whatever bathing suit they're wearing despite whatever hang-ups they may have about not looking "perfect".

    Anyways as I said, I don't "pass judgement" per say on any of the females really since I am in no position to critique others' bodies. Usually I just like seeing what types of suits they're wearing and how different patterns and colors look on different types of people. And if I find a particular swimsuit to be quite striking on a person then I'll go up to the girl and compliment her on it.


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  • if it goes with her skin color, and if it fits her nicely. then she's good :)


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