Pretty Girls - You are Bad Trades

Here is an interesting article I found about a woman trying to find a rich guy to get married with. This is her ad in Craig's list I assume, and look at what the response she got from the guy. It's genius, I love the way he put it all out there.

Just wanted to see what you guys think of the article.



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What Girls Said 1

  • Wow.. Interesting.. I got a good laugh out of it too.. I like her honesty though but what the man said is true.

    She should focus on getting herself a 500K income instead.

    • The way she treats "love", she ought to just work on getting a job, but I suspect that she would think that would be "below" her.

    • Haha, right. I'm just very curious as to why some girls they think can bypass the love system with rich men.

    • Yeah well, there are plenty of women like her out there. I wonder how good looking she is though, sure has high praise for herself.

What Guys Said 1

  • It is women like that make me strongly against marrying women in America, at least as long as our divorce laws are so biased against successful men. Her behavior is outrageous. Having lived in a major city like Chicago, I've dated more than a few of those types of girls like the New York City one in this article.

    It is true, looks fade on most women quickly once they hit 30, especially if they are working in a stressful job or aren't eating healthy foods or exercising. Women such as the one above aren't just a bad trade, they are financial and emotional suicide by any man mad enough to even consider a relationship with such a childish boor, much less get married to her.

    • Yeah I agree. It was definitely an interesting read.

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