Cheap way to trim eyebrows?

I'm low on funds, and the trimmer I had is missing, however I don't have a lot of money to spend 10 bucks on a trimmer and my tweezers are missing. Any ideas? Not so sure I can trust a normal razor to do the trick as I've had bad experience in the past.
Sorry for the misspelling, it's late and I wasn't paying attention.


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  • They sell manual eye brow trimmers at the dollar store.


    prolly not as great as your other trimmer due to cheapness - but it's effective.

    • I think this is the first time your answer is short =D

    • That's actually really helpful, thank you. :)

    • @ QA Your very welcome ^^


      LOL XP - I was going to add more but I was so sleepy :P

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  • Pleease, don't trim your eyebrows. I mean unless you have full on "bush-man" eyebrows, just let them grow naturally. It's kind of nasty when woman have these tiny little strips of hair where a decently healthy set of eyebrows used to be.

    • Trimming them doesn't mean you have little strips of hair for eyebrows, it's nice to keep them looking clean and kept-up (by tweezing stray hairs) they still looking natural. but I agree crazy thin eyebrows are gross.

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    • It just keeps them looking neat, like Lights said. I come from a family of girls with thicker eyebrows, not "bush man", but I like to keep them neat looking, never pin point thin though, just neat

    • Eh, sounds alright.

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  • Nooo don't use a razor, that's the worst on your eyebrows. Just use a pair of scissors and a comb. Brush your eyebrows with the comb and whatever long hairs that stick out, cut them with the scissors. But you don't want to cut too short. I'm sure you can tell what is a good length and what isn't. As for tweezers, you can get some for only a dollar at most drugstores. Nothing can replace tweezers.

  • I'd say if you've really looked EVERYWHERE and you can't find your tweezers, BUY SOME NEW TWEEZERS. They're inexpensive. $10 isn't a lot of money to put down for a reliable tool that you'll be using for years, although I don't know the extent of your financial situation. Or, do you know anyone who has tweezers you can borrow in the mean time until you find yours? Because tweezing is really the cheapest way, so I can't offer any alternatives. Having someone else do your brows for you is $15 just to walk through the door...


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