Has any girl had laser hair removal treatment done?

I was wondering if you could answer some of my questions. Also, I have dark thick hair so if you had dark thick hair when doing it it would be helpful :)


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  • I'm currently getting the treatments. What would you like to know? :)

    • Yay! lol. Okay, first I want to know how long it'll take for the whole process to be done? I want to get my face down (sides, upper lip, chin, neck)

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    • Okay, thank you SOOO much! It really helped :)

    • No worries :) Thanks for BA :)

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  • I don't know if you care but I'm a guy and I have had laser theraphy for port wine stains, which worked very good.

    Now, laser is very strong.

    It will:

    1.) Kill nerves

    2.) KIll blood vessels (together with the full hair).

    3.) Be quite painful for sure (narcosis very very much advised).

    Well, knowing this, consider treating healthy tissue and perhaps killing nerves (I don't know what area you are talking about). Blood vessels always come back, it's no problem.

    But, you might lose a little bit of feeling in the treatment area, because laser really is strong.

    Now it won't kill the "big" nerves but will most definitely kill some smaller ones.

    Also, make sure you have very good eye protection depending on your laser.

    I don't know how strong your laser is but you should get glasses made from lead.

    If these are not given to you, and it is a pulse dye laser, I would ask for them.

    Also, cover your leaden glasses with your hands and close your eyes (most important).

    Look into a laser and there is a chance of permanent blindness.


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