How can I get my boyfriend to get a hair cut?

I'm much more attracted to him when his hair is shorter & its gotten pretty long.

i know this sounds kinda shallow =/ but its true...

any ways of telling him to get it cut without just saying it? I already tried complimenting him when his hair is short & saying that's how I like it...


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  • this is too should just tell him straight up.


What Girls Said 1

  • You might want to think about something for a minute. Would you like him to tell you to have really long hair because that's what most men like? Would you like him to tell you what to wear, what music to listen to, what to believe, etc?

    I'm not trying to make you sound controlling, but some if someone likes to have their hair a certain way, up to them. It might make them a mad and feel like you're trying to control them by telling them what hair they should and shouldn't have. He's still the same man you love, and if he isn't listening about his hair, then he probably prefers it the way it is now. If he didn't like it, he probably would've cut it by now, or just didn't get around to cutting it yet. It's just respecting another person's decisions is important.


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