Do tattoos on the back of the neck hurt?

Ive had a tattoo done from my ribs to my hip, one on my wrist, one on my inner lip, and one on my hand by my thumb. So I was wondering how much would a tattoo on the back of my neck hurt. I want a kinda bigish pice it would cover the whole back of my neck almost . SO yea just wondering how painful it might be? and how to keep it clean because I have super long hair so when I wash it it's all over my neck , I would have to put it up wile it drys and how to keep it dry in the shower wile it's healing


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  • It wouldn't hurt too bad, I'd imagine. WAYYYY less than hip & ribs. I haven't got my neck done, but I have a piece on my back that goes from my spine to my shoulder. The spine hurts, shoulder doesn't. The bone on the back of your neck is covered by decently thick skin, so I don't imagine it would hurt much more than your other tat, unless it goes down onto the spin or wraps around onto the sides of your neck (THAT will hurt). For me, hip hurts more than anything :/

    With care, they will shave your neck before tattooing :P Just keep your hair securely tied up, and keep putting the tattoo ointment/cream on the area - KEEP IT MOIST. Can't stress how important that is. But yeah, the tattoo artist will tell you what to do, anyway.

    What are you getting done, if I may ask?

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      that but insted of follow your heart I want happines is the key under it

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    • ok thanks I'll make sure I bring plenty pain killers lol

    • Hahah. Thanks for BA and good luck :)

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  • Yes, all tattoos because me pain whenever I am forced to look at them.


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  • Inner lip?! And you're concerned about how painful a neck tat will be? Um I would say substantially less pain than the lip.

    • well my inner little I could barely feel it was the least painful out of all of them