Guys and bums. Lets sort the whole thing out...

What is it with guys and bums? I'm not bragging but I have to admit, I have quite and round, toned and shapely bum. But even when I'm wearing a skirt or trousers I get told things like:

"DAYUM GIRL. I'd f*** that ass any day"

"Mmm... Imagine THAT ON MY FACE."

And nonsense like that...

But I have friends who have smaller bums than me and they get told the same thing!

1. Does this bum business have to do with a girls race? (I have white friends who have good bums:P Who said white girls are flat?)

2. So if a girl has a big bum what kind of "sign" does it show?

3. Are you a bum guy, leg guy or boob guy?

4. What kind of bum do you prefer?


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  • Oh, I barely understood your question. I thought you refered to homless men when you mentioned bums. Now to your question. The bum business doesn't have to do with a girl's race. There are two types of guys that call out girls. Guys that are in a group. When we are in a group we call you out not to impress you but to impress our male friends by showing that we are not afraid of women. The other people that do this are older men. Older men do this because they are from another time when men were men and they were not afraid to tell women they thought they were sexy. Unfortunately, we (men) are too afraid nowdays.

    • Oh, Sorry. That's my usual term for "backside" But good answer =]

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  • I'm a white girl and have the biggest booty out of all my friends. I get a lot of attention because of it. It doesn't matter what race you are, anyone can have a huge ass!

  • Guys just like when the butt is high up and sticks out and her waist is small in comparison.

    I get that a lot. I have a big butt, sort of thick but toned thighs, and a small waist. This one guy LOVES my ass...I mean, I do like it, it is big and high up and very perky especially since I started working out more, and it is always very out there. Whenever he sees me he checks out my ass and lets me know it and how hot I am...I have this one outfit he loves on me and he says I make it hot because of "that butt".

    I don't know what it is but they love them..


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