Will working out decrease stretch marks?

I have a couple rogue stretch marks on my inner thighs. They're still a bit red and fairly recent (within the past year). I tend to store fat in my thighs and butt, but I've been working out a lot. If I tone up my thighs significantly, will there be any improvement to the stretch marks? I'm not worried about the color because they will fade to skin color, mine always do. It's more the texture/visibility that bothers me.


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  • Exercises to Reduce Stretch Marks

    Stretch marks occur when the elasticity of the skin is reduced through repeated stretching. Your key defense in reducing the appearance of stretch marks is to exercise, trim and tone. Just about any kind of physical activity will help reduce stretch marks. Include calorie-blasting cardio in your workout routine to trim yourself down as well as situps, abdominal crunches and leg lifts.

    heres where I found this info, for more see; link


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  • I am thinking this could make it worse.

    Not Positive


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  • I also have stretch marks from my inner thighs, funnily enough they were caused by working out as my muscles stretched my thigh! I found that bio oil works averagely well.

  • No, they will just fade.


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