Why do girls put on makeup so much?

I hate that when they put makeup on their face like put blue above eyes. Did you know it ruin your skin if you do makeup too much? For me, I love natural on women because it more sexy and cute that just me.
The guys comment on my post is right. I don't want to kiss girl who wear makeups too much. Girls, Please be careful with makeups and don't worry we still love u.


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  • A couple reasons;

    1. Women honor their beauty; we like to look pretty and as attractive as possible for whatever reason, more profoundly than men do.

    2. The media tells us we need make up, and that make up enhances our beauty.

    My motto for make up is:

    Make is an accessory - not a neccessity.

    You can easily tell apart the girls who depend on make up to define their beauty - and women who use makeup to bring out their already natural pretty features.

    I'm apart of group 2 in that scenario.

    Actually - I'd prefer to only use make up for special more formal occasions - other than that, I rarely wear it.

    I feel like, girls get used to seeing their face a certain way - whether it be always wearing eye - liner, foundation or a little eye shadow - that when they take all the make up off, they devalue their natural beauty, or believe they cannot be as pretty without any make up on.

    That's pretty sad.

    When I go all out with make up, foundation, eyeliner, mascara, lip liner, eye shadow, lipstick et etc - I look beautiful - but even after I was it all off, I still see that I'm just as beautiful with it.

    I believe some women just cannot see themselves as beautiful without it, and that's when make up usually gets consitent, caked up, and way too much on the face.

    Wearing make up shouldn't be an everyday thing unless you can psychologically handle it. We don't wear the same flattering shirts everyday - sometimes it's better to just throw on a t - shirt lol.

    Not to forget stigmas against girls who wear heaps of makeup - you know the insecure thing, high maintenence, shallow stereotypes.

    Makeup doesn't ruin your skin too much - really depends on who wears it and how much. People who wear it constantly, are going to want good quality make up that usually has vitamins in it for the skin.

    My aunt loves makeup and has worn it for about 30 or so years. When she takes it off, she still looks like she's 24 - even though her 41st birthday is coming up lol -

    • Ur aunt must have good genes lol

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    • Lol I try not to cake it on, but it's pretty hard to "look beautiful" without make up when you have acne, bags, and no eyelashes. I try and cover up the severe reds and bags and curl my lashes, with a little black in between so they look fuller. A lot of girls that "Look really pretty without make up" just know how to apply it well ;)

    • Yea - okay with acne and stuff, that's totally different. I mean for a girl who doesn't have a condition that really effects her face like that - then my comment applies - but having an actual skin condition, lack of eyelashes - I totally get that. You have a reason to use it really lol

      Nah - days I don't wear any at all, no mascara, no eyeliner, no foundation - a lot of my friends don't either - and we're still pretty attractive.

      It's how you see yourself that really determines that.

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  • All you guys are such liars when you say you love a girl with natural beauty, when a girl has no makeup on guys don't even look at girls but when she's all dolled up and has lots and lots of makeup on you start noticing her. Please...stop lying to everyone.

    • How you know I'm liar? are you psychic or something? Just kidding no. I'm serious I don't notice when they put on too much makeups and I notice girls with natural beauty like my crush do.

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    • Nay! And I am not a beginner.../:

    • A little goes a long way, just don't get carried away.

  • Most women who are natural-look horrible without it. I put on a little makeup because I don't want to look like I just woke up, I don't look that great haha. But you will be surprised at how most girls without any at all look, I do understand that too much makeup looks stupid but I feel like guys like girls with some makeup but not too much, I think that's what you were trying to say.

    • Yea that what I tried to say that. I'm cool with girls put a little eyes lashes or put lip like something. Well, I think they are more beautiful when they are natural.

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    • I wasn't born yesterday...and I could handle your "morning face" especially if you did not have "morning bitch" personality...and I would not even demand to see those awesome legs!

    • haha well I have the biggest "morning bitch" well not all the time but majority of it :p

  • it's fun and flirty.. get more attention that way.. but a girl's gotta be careful to not put too much on or overdo it.. but I see your point.. it's kinda like when we get new earrings or new clothes.. it's just fun and exciting to try new makeup ideas haha.

    • Yea I understand that but did they know it ruin their skin if they love makeup too much?

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    • yes..you are sensible...and it gets you an Up Arrow from me! <3<3<3=D

    • thanks taster :)

  • There are natural brands of makeup that will not harm the skin, or shouldn't. And as long as it is all removed before bedtime, it's all good.

    My boyfriend doesn't like makeup either, but he understand that I'm not trying to hide anything, I just find it to be a really fun thing to do. I have started wearing less makeup, however.

  • I like it sometimes.

    I'm told to wear it at work.

    I feel and look fine w/o it.

    But sometimes I'll feel dull and want to brighten up my face.

    Idk, it think it's one of those catch 22 things.

    I think guys probably don't like getting lipstick on their faces after a kiss. Understandable...

  • I don't think most girls wear the kind of makeup that you're talking about. Nice girls don't like going out looking like orange clowns either..so we don't wear that much makeup.

    Maybe you're looking for girls in the wrong places. Because a LOT of girls don't cake on makeup everyday.

  • i don't really..when I go out I just put foundation,a mascara and a natural gloss...but its different in case of parties

  • Personally I wear browns and golds, and it bothers me when my friends wear purples, blues, and greens sometimes.

    • sounds rational...but that is good..I will be able to party! (:

  • yes heavy makeup like that looks awful but being natural usually just means slight makeup that isn't very obvious that makes us look more awake and good just not very made up

    • Yup, and you don't even have to taste the girl! I have to leave now and wash my tongue. :P

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  • I agree. Good lord is it disgusting to go in and kiss a girl and it tastes and feels like an oil slick sitting on top of an ocean. Natural or minimal makeup all the way!

    • Yea I know it better natural than fake makeup

    • NO F*CKIING SH*T! WHY won't females get this through their thick skulls? O:O

    • It's because of magazines and commercials always saying that yout ugly without makeup and that guys will think your ugly without it, personally I don't wear makeup except for like foundation on my really bad days

  • They wanna look perfect and what not and be the attention of every men,

    they need to know that we want too see a face not a freshly painted wall !


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