How to go from beautiful and independent to cute?

people think I'm more the hot than the cute type of woman. which I hate. they also say I come off as quite independent and confident.

How do I change this? because I really am none of these things.

I really feel like I need a man but they always assume I just want sex from them :(


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  • What's wrong with being independent and beautiful? I'm not sure I see the problem here, what do you want, the opposite of being independent?

    Being independent is a GOOD thing, and last time I checked, so is being beautiful.

    • but I want to be cute and dependent

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    • i feel like the less independent I am the more I attract the guys I like...

    • You left out a lot of details in your original post. How are you defining "dependent"?

      Financially? Emotionally?

      I'm not sure if this is true for most men, but I find independent girls attractive. It means that they're strong and have a mind of their own. It's a plus in mind.

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  • LOL! What are you doing that makes them assume you just want sex? That should be a pretty easy fix if that's not what you want.

    • i do nothing. they just assume it based on my personality and vibe I guess

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    • Okay. Got it. I'm with you there. So you're basically saying that normal guys--even outside clubs--dont approach you. Fair enough. Do you meet any guys through school or work or friends?

    • thats it :)

      well, meet yes. but that's it. I'm hardly ever interested in a guy from my class. or like at university now, I never like guys who study the same thing as me..don't know why though

  • I'll answer as soon as you re-add me as a friend, QA.

  • Pig tails and a lollypop aughta do it.

  • You are funny


    not serious at all


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