Guys, why do you notice clothing so much?

What draws you to notice our clothing so much? For example, I have this one shirt that tends to slide off of my shoulder, and my guy friend will always comment on it, and slide it back up or make a joke about being "revealing" because compared to other girl's low-cut clothing, it's nothing. What makes clothes so intriguing to you?


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  • Guys seem to be more appearance focused than girls, and clothes are a big part of that. Especially ones that reveal more skin, such as your shirt sliding off (really hot by the way, but not if you constantly wear it like that, then it tends a bit towards slutty)

    • That actually explains a lot. I'm athletic, so I tend to wear athletic shirts over low-cut shirts, which I guess would explain why he tends to like the shoulder shirts that I wear occasionally.

    • They're very attractive :) Especially with a good body, which athletic girls tend to have.

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  • Anything that exposes sexual "hot-spots" of the body is gonna get male attention.

    It's not that difficult of a concept. If your back/shoulder/neck/cleveage is revealing...

    ...guys are gonna notice. :)

    • Alright, thanks for the answer!

  • It isn't the clothing really, it really is the amount of skin shown. Whether we want to or not, we naturally look at any irregular amounts of skin shown by girls. It really isn't even very controllable either...


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