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honestly, I have never had a girlfriend...but my question is am I your type, I have curly/wavy blond hair, brown eyes, 5'4"...yea I know I'm short, I have a 6 pack, barley any pecks, I'm an athlete but not in any sports, kinda small arms, powerful legs, and what I think a good personality, I'm easy to get along with, love joking around and making people laugh.


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  • Well, I'm like six feet tall, so you're probably too short for me. I don't mind if a guy's a couple inches shorter, but more than that just feels weird to me. It's not how tall you are, it's the difference: if I were short (how I wish sometimes...) then I wouldn't care.

    But, a good personality, taking care of your body and a good sense of humor are all really a big plus. If you're confident and have a cute face, you'll probably do really well.

    And don't worry too much. Lots of people don't really find our place with the opposite sex until college. Be confident and caring and you'll do just fine.


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  • Your my type for sure. I like a guy that is genuinely nice and has a sense of humour and also is fun :) You sound nice looking so I don't know why you havnt had a girlfriend. But you are young and maybe you just haven't had the girl that catches your eye, or the girl has and thinks of you as a friend? Look for new people, don't try and get out with your friends or close people, maybe go for someone new and ask them out with the intention of a relationship.. or whatever your looking for :) xxx

  • well your taller than me so that's a plus! I think the only reason you havnt had a girlfriend is bcuz you haven't seen a girl to catch your eye and maybe a girl secretly likes you! you never know!


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