Can anyone tell me what I can get that's different?

All the people I know where Gucci Louis vuttion belts, what other stylish belts can I get other than them? For jeans they wear true religion rocking republic and 7 jeans, what other jeans brands can I get? And for shirts its Polo lacoste Burberry, any other brands for shirts? Thanks for the help


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  • You need to be better than them and wear items that don't POINT in your face shout out logos.

    Giorgio Armani, Prada, Marc by Marc Jacobs or Lanvin should have some nice guy stuff.





    • Thanks but damn those things are pricey LOL. What belts do you think are good?

    • In Australia if your paying for Gucci and Louis, then you can afford to pay for those above. There must be a huge difference in your country.

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  • Do you want brands that your friends know are expensive, brands that are actually exclusive, or really good stuff regardless of if your friends know about it?

    And what's your budget?

    • As for jeans, I'm not much of a jean wearer, but 'serious' jean wearers want selvedge jeans that are not pre-distressed. There are tons of makers, depends a little on your style. There are entire forums devoted to this stuff. You break them in yourself, slowly. A good belt choice with those would be a very plain vegetable tanned good leather belt that will slowly break in and develop character along with the jeans.

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    • Given an unlimited budget, I might use Hermes for leather goods, but probably not for something to wear with jeans - I'd want a rugged belt that would get worn in with time. Also, I can't stand visible logos on anything. Unless Hermes is sponsoring me, they can pay for their own advertising.

      High end belts often come separately (strap vs. buckle.) Custom is an option. link is a former Hermes leather master's private store. A custom calf leather belt with silver buckle

    • ... made by her is 425, which should tell you that anyone trying to charge you more then that for a leather belt is ripping you off. (exotic skins could go higher). But its too refined a belt to wear with jeans, imho.

      In any case, at your age and budget, I'd get whatever raw denim jeans you prefer, a belt like the earlier links, and blow the rest on a jacket. Something like link

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