Opinions on this tattoo idea!!!

I want to get a tattoo down my side. I want a blooming white rose starting at my ribcage with the stem going down my side and ending at my hip bone...wrapped around the stem I want the words "Deception is the curse of my whimsical gender." The quote has strong meaning to me as well as the white rose (:

What do ya think?


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  • Hips, sides and ribcages hurt like a MOFO. Just warning you. Especially with that size and detail.

    As for the tattoo. If it means a lot to you go for it, who am I to judge? I mean I'm not a fan of the phrase but if it's done well and the flower is really something special then it could turn out really great. Don't ask us, if it really means so much just do it.

    It will also cost a fortune to get done at any place that is even mildly reputable. Do A LOT of research before you go. And plan out at least five places to stop by and take a look at before you decide to get it. Look at all the artist's work and all the books they have. Also try and talk to them and feel the environment. I know I hate it when I walk in and they're all huddled around the counter having gossip time and they ignore me or wave me over to the books with out much conversation. And I hate places with a bunch of random people hanging around chatting. I want somewhere professional and sociable where I feel safe.

    You need to determine what you want and then look until you find it and don't give up because you'll end up unhappy and with a sh*tty-ass tat.


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  • Well if it's important and special to you then go for it.

    I don't think I'd ever be willing to get words as a tattoo because it's incredible how much you and your mind can change but I guess that might not be the case for everyone.

  • You might think twice about getting a tattoo on your side. That area is very sensitive and will hurt a lot when you get it done. Also, you might want to think about what it will look like as you get older... you don't want it to look like a wilted rose in the future so be careful of what your choice will be. The current trend that I've seen lately is to get a tattoo. Even mothers are getting them. Be sure this is something you won't mind having if and or when you become a parent or grandparent.

  • It's OK. If that's what you want, I'm sure you'll like it. It's interesting and that's good that it has meaning. I personally don't like to get tattoos like that which I might regret getting as I get older. But if you don't think there's a chance you'll regret it, then go for it.


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