Is it a good thing to look free spirited?

I was having lunch with my mom's friend, who happens to be a 'healer'. She said To me "you seem very free spirited" which caught me off guard because I was only wearing a plain tshirt. My mom also insisted that she was surprised too as she didn't tell her friend anything about me

Also, a lot of people think that I have had a lot of boyfriends in the past, and also like to party. I consider myself a conservative dresser, and I don't wear much makeup. I don't have piercings either.

So my question is: is it a good thing to look free spirited?

How do people come to this conclusion that I am one?

Should I be insulted about the other bf/party assumption? What, in my behavior makes people think that way?


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  • It could be something that is very minor to most people. For example, you said you had on a T-shirt. Were you bra-less or did you have on the kind or bra that would not entirely hide the location of your nipples? Some people would see that as too "free". Otherwise it would seem like make-up is the next possibility, but you don't wear much. And by no piercings you mean not even ear lobes?

    • No... I was wearing a plain black bra underneath a dark tshirt. I only wear small studs on my earlobes... But not that day; didn't wear any :S

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