Clip in hair extensions for african American girls?

is this a good idea if you want to grow out your natural hair? how can you maintain it. and how can you make your hair silky and have it remain that way to blend in with your extensions. thank you ! and is it damaging?


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  • Clip in extensions aren't going to damage your hair at all; typically the roots are more solid than the tips, so clipping the extensions in isn't going to pull or tare.

    I'm working on growing my hair out - It's grown about 2 - 3 inches over these past couple of months ^^

    Our hair can grow -it's just takes much more work to create the ideal environment for it.

    1. Keep it moisturized - African American hair requires a 15 - 20% moisture content as opposed to fair skinned hair which only needs 5-7%.

    Have to grease the hair at least every two days - especially coating your ends which are the most prone to breakage - and if your ends are breaking off faster than your roots can grow, then you get this period in which it seems like your hair just isn't growing.

    2. Wash your hair kinda frequently - I was always told that we can't wash our hair as much as white people can - and we can't lol - at least not every day as many of them do.

    The least you can was your hair is twice a month - the most once a week. I shoot for 2 - 3 times a month - depending on how much I'm messing with my hair.

    The grease, heat products, jail this and that - builds up on our scalps and can make it not a suitable climate for good growth.

    Always follow up with a great conditioner - none of that white rain type of shampoo - visit a shop specialized in black shampoo products and find a shampoo with lots of vitamins and enhances moisture retardation in your hair.

    Also - if you have time - try to do a protein treatment once a month. You take your conditioner, and mix it with a raw egg and olive oil ( just a couple tsps of olive oil) and let it sit on your head for at least 30 mins. It'll be a little messy but it's so worth it :D

    Rinse it all out and blow dry and all as normal; the protein will revitalize your hair and the olive oil will lock in moisture for about a week - which causes for some good growth.

    3. Heat

    Always always always - use a heat protectant when you flat iron and blow dry hair - anything tha t involves heat like that. Heat is the major enemy that kills our hair - don't turn the flat iron all the way up to maximum heat - it will still get the job done on medium and your hair will thank you.

    Also - it doesn't hurt to go natural for a few weeks at a time to allow the hair to heal from all that. You can also condition everyday with a leave in which does wonders :)

    4. Chemicals

    Avoid dyes, perms, relaxers at all cost lol - contrary to popular belief - just because our hair is thicker - doesn't mean it's stronger.

    Actually - we have weaker bonds and less of them in our hair unlike people with fair texture - that's why they can dye their hair so much without such drastic destruction as I've seen in black girls who dye theirs.

    • The extensions are a fun way to create new styles for your hair - they won't damage unless it involves glue - ugh f***ing hate the glue lol -

      Oh and my trick to getting my hair very silky - is using a brush as I flat iron:

      Part the hair, stroke it with the brush a few times, then slowly brush the strip of hair with the flat iron behind the brush - the brush will even out the kinks at the end, and the flat iron will iron them smoothly straight.

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    • your gorgeous girl and thanks youu (:

    • thanks and no prob :D

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  • I've never worn clip-ins but I Hear they damage your hair if you leave them in the same spot for too long and wear them too often. But they are better than glue extensions. I'd say they are almost as good as sew ins but better than glue ins

    i've been thinking about getting some clip ins, it seems like it would be a lot easier to deal with and style. you can just blow dry then flat iron/press your hair to match the extensions. then coat it with a light oil to protect against reversion

  • Clip in's are an okay idea but the only way to really make it blend in with your natural hair is to straighten your hair until it's almost the same texture as your clip-in (unless your hair is already permed). But clip-ins came damage your hair. Also if you do straighten your hair you might straighten the new growth which is also damaging to your natural hair and natural curl pattern.

  • For natural hair, I would not suggest clip in hair extensions. I'm natural and based on my natural hair experience and the natural hair experiences I've observed of others, your natural hair progresses so much better when you don't do a bunch of stuff to it. If you're getting sew-ins and constantly getting it braided up or constantly touching pulling at it, it's easier for it to break off. It also tends to mess up your curl pattern or just make it harder for you to tell what your curl pattern looks like. Don't straighten your natural hair. The heat damage can totally ruin the curl pattern and it's not worth it. Anyone can have straight hair, but practically no other race can achieve what a black woman's natural hair can! I think the best hair extensions for natural hair is a wig. There's nothing wrong with wigs. It's actually very smart because you can track the progress of your natural hair yet wear versatile hair that you feel confident in :D not only that, but it's just healthier for your hair if you're not doing a bunch of different things to it like sew-ins and flat irioning.

  • Sweetoness, you talk too damn much.

    Clip in hair erxtensions are not good for African American hair because they can break your hair off. It's okay to wear them a couple of times, but don't make it a routine.


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