Guys what would you think of this girl if you saw her out in public?

-early 20's

-natural blond hair in a ponytail

-cute face and no makeup

-t-shirt and sweatshirt

-yoga pants

-plain flats

-carrying a gym bag and a yoga mat

-tight fit yoga body
i'm asking this question because last weekend when I did yoga I went to grab a bagel right after. a guy in the cafe said to me "yoga pants are for a yoga studio, not public". I told him I had JUST come from yoga and he said "yeah whatever you trendy little slut" and I was really confused.


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  • I would think "she looks good and takes care of herself." Nothing more.

    Ignore him. He's just being a douche.


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  • I'd think you were coming/going to a yoga class.

    As far as the azzhole in the cafe', he was being just that. Brush it off and don't worry about it. In a hundred years, nobody's gonna know it ever happened.

  • Boy that guy sure knows how to charm the ladies. You can wear your Yoga pants anywhere you damn well please and if you show up where I am eating a bagel, you are just going to get a smile from me.

  • Was that an identikit? Did she kill someone? Is she...a dude? I mean, what's there to think about her other than that she's a girl and by your description, an attractive one.

    Be more explicit please :)

    • i was wondering if you would notice her or not and if you would think she was cute or think she was stupid and following a yoga trend or what.

    • Well, your update explains it better. That guy was just a regular and plain a-hole. The world is filled with them. There's nothing wrong with the yoga look, and if it's a tight thing it makes it even more interesting. I'd say I'd more than notice her...but yes, there's always the chance that all types of guys notice it and some of them comment stupid things as that guy did. Do not let that sort of thing put you down or make you doubt basic stuff like clothes you wear.

  • He's just being a d***.

  • sexy


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