Calling all beautiful people? Anyone?

So I was on another site and I came across a form where people were saying that they hate being beautiful lol now I'm not beautiful I'm far from it so I don't really understand why they hate it so much. So if your one of those people please do enlighten me.


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  • Sometimes I do think I am beautiful, but I have my flaws too. But I can see why beautiful people would hate their beauty.

    1) Some women get jealous very easily. Beautiful people are often looked down on and treated poorly by these people as they are perceived as a threat. They glare, stare and gossip to an extent that you just feel worthless.

    2) In our society we have developed far too many stereotypes. for eg, blondes are dumb, beautiful people are stuck up, etc. People are often immediately judged because of their looks. People generally assume and stereotype to satisfy insecurities; a man could say pretty women are stuck up to make himself feel better after being rejected, a woman could say that women with big t*ts are stupid to make herself feel adequate.

    3) The opposite gender. When men see a beautiful woman, they often latch themselves onto them. They stare endlessly that it makes you uncomfortable, they strike conversations with you with you while gawking at you, they assume you're dumb or else you would be "too good to be true". So a majority of the men you attract are pretty much shallow. They don't seem to want to find out about you; they seem to be already in love with your looks. Most would not be shy. The shy men, the nice men are elsewhere looking for the girl next door.

    4) People are intimidated by you. It's harder making friends. Noone approaches you; you have to do all the approaching and be the one getting rejected.


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  • Maybe they just say that so people will think they aren't stuck up? Or to call attention to the fact that they are beautiful. Or sometimes it's because they feel like their attractiveness draws attention away from who they really are.

    Could be a lot of reasons.

    Btw I don't consider myself beautiful, I'd say I'm average and I'm perfectly fine with how I look.

  • I'm good looking and I work out. When I go into barber shops women tell me not to cut my hair because its perfect.

    When I go to family gatherings, I referred to as "the son with the pretty face"

    Girls of my race (asian) hit on my without shame.

    Girls of other race always stare at me and get all weird when I talk to them.

    At work I have a group of stalkers which my co-workers refer to as my "fan club". If they weren't high school girls I'd tell them off.

    I've been stalked by men and women.

    I can go on and on... =.=


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  • I'm not the most beautiful person in the world, but I don't think I would want to be a "beautiful" person. I've noticed a lot of them, even the really sweet ones have problems maintaining relationships because the other party will get jealous. People are also intimidated by very attractive people.

  • I don't think I am insanely beautiful, though I have my moments. But from my perspective, I know I hate it because

    A) Sometimes it seems like too much pressure... Its as if I am expected to always have nice hair, skin face etc. If I have an 'off" day, I feel like people are judging me/looking at me funny. Even my own family, if I have a pimple before my period my dad will be like 'WHAT IS ON YOUR FACE"... as if its out of the ordinary, damn, I'd like to pretend its not there.

    B) I am not comfortable with attention and when people look at me/stare at me it makes me feel uncomfortable and like I am being judged/something's wrong with me. Who likes to be watched, honestly? As well as that guys don't approach me... I get stared at but no one bothers to get to now me or say hello, so I'm lonely to be honest.

    That's my view anyway. It's different for others I'm sure

  • It's called being average..

  • Because all that matters is your looks. People don't see other parts of you and they stare at you.


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