Why don't my friends think I'm pretty?

I get stared at a lot by guys, and I think I am quite attractive to be honest... and strangers think so too,...but somehow none of my friends see that. They talk to me about people and we bring up some cute girl from high school and they'll be like "yeah she's so pretty blah blah I'm jealous of her" but none of them ever compliment my looks unless I ask them in which case they say "you look good" or "fine"...

My personality isn't the typical of an attractive girl but I do think I am, how come my friends don't? :(


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  • they do think your pretty but they don't want to blow your head up by complimenting u. I think your friends probably feel insecure around you and don't wanna compliment u. but then again you sound a little insecure yourself if your fishing for compliments from these girls especially if they talk about you to ppl

    • I am insecure, that's why it bothers me to be honest. I did have one girl once say non chalantly I was talking about my brother and she goes "well you're very pretty so I'm assuming your brother" and that surprised me because I usually don't hear it from them ever :(

  • You need new friends.


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