What are some other things that people do that really bother you, or that you really like?

Okay so, I was just randomly thinking of these things and I wanted to know peoples on opinions on them:

1.) when a girl wears a white shirt/tank/tee and is sort of see-through and she's a wearing a colored bra which you can directly see

2.) when guys wear their pants and shorts literally half way down their butts

3.) what types of perfume do guys like on girls? or no perfume at all

4.) when guys wear cologne- love it/hate it

5.) when a girl wears a lacy or sheer shirt, with only her bra underneath

what are some other things that people do that really bother you, or that you really like? just curious :)


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  • 1. That's why there are skin tone bras. That sort of thing isn't exactly appropriate for being out in public, in my opinion.

    2. That looks stupid, my eldest brother does it, and I hate it with a passion.

    3. My boyfriend really likes it when I wear vanilla, but his favorite is the white musk I was wearing when I gave him my phone number. Most guys really like vanilla.

    4. When a guy knows what cologne smells good on him and doesn't overdo it, it's wonderful.

    5. I hate that as much as guys "wearing" their pants too low.

    I'm not a naturally sociable person, so people aggravate me on a regular basis. I appreciate being given my space when I express that I need it more than just about anything.


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  • 1) I don't think that's slutty or anything, everything is covered up. It's really weird to do it outside of the summer months, though.

    2) That's ridiculous, and I automatically think of that guy in my head as a douche.

    3) I like some perfumes on girls, but most girls wear it too heavy.

    4) A spritz of cologne is quite lovely to smell on a guy.

    5) This would be a little slutty, depending on the style.

    What I don't like: Peopleofwalmart.com and guys who wear stupid ass shirts, like with the confederate flag or some racist comment.

    What I do like: People who are conscious of their appearance and cleanliness.

  • 1.) Either they're an attention whore, or they don't know it's showing.

    2.) Either they're trying to be a gangster, or they don't have a belt.

    3.) Can't really answer this one. I don't wear too much floral perfume or anything too strong and it works for me.

    4.) I love when guys wear cologne, but only when it isn't over-bearing or something too awful.

    5.) They want a bit too much attention.

    Something I don't like is when people bully others, especially when it's about something they can't help (such as a disability).

    Something I do like is when guys are sarcastic, but in a charming way (think Hyde from That 70's Show).


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