Adorable/gorgeous/cute etc.?

What does it mean when a guy calls you adorable/gorgeous/cute etc.?

I have this guy who I just recently said I love you to.

Later that day (after my confession) we were at my place cause I wanted to grab a coat before we went to the movies to see a movie (he didn't want to see but sat through anyway only cause I wanted to see it). I must have said or done something cause he looked at me and smiled saying I'm adorable before he kissed me on the head. I'm not sure what it is I did, but he always calls me cute, beautiful, gorgeous and now adorable.

But id like to know whether by him saying those,

is there like a strong meaning behind them?

If so what does everyone think when a guy says your adorable or cute ect?


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  • When we guys say this first of all we mean it. We want you to feel special by this. We USUALLY don't say that stuff to other girls (unless we are single). So think about it, he is positively giving you his affection. Enjoy that he is saying it to you.


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  • i would think he thinks you are hot and good looking.

    a lot of guys where I work (retail) say that

    but I mean I dress up a lot so it's expected

  • A kiss on the head means friend. He's treating you like a little kid. (Matt and Tamsen did a video on that one time). I'd never take the cutesy nicknames as something serious. Actions speak louder than words. So unless he's asking you out, or paying for things constantly, he doesn't like you like that. Plus, if he didn't respond to your statement with the same statement, it's not worth the effort.

    Pets are adorable, never women.