Guys, appearance wise, what do you find unattractive?

I'm just wondering because I know girls vary a lot between what they like, and what they don't like.

I don't find this link attractive, at all.But I know a lot of women do.

Is there anything that most guys find attractive in a woman, that you don't?

I just want to see if men vary between personal taste as much as women do, because sometimes it doesn't seem so to me, a lot of guys I come across seem to think this link is attractive.Or this link

And there doesn't seem to be much variation..this to me, is like the female version of what I don't find attractive.


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  • I don't easily get interested in girls like the ones in your pics. They're considered to be the attractive norm by society and that makes it boring to me, they lack that special "umf". I prefer girls who have their own unique look that stand out from the rest of the plastic p*rn-star clones. (Not saying I hate p*rn-stars, just not my type)

    I like to go by the rule that I will only date girls that I personally can think of as beautiful no matter what they decide to wear. As opposed by some girls who have to rely on nice clothes and make-up to be attractive.

    • This.I don't like the typically good looking male either, I also think models like Kaya Scodelario are absolutely stunning, because they have unique features, and not the typical, manufactured kind of 'beauty.'

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  • I don't find either of those two girls attractive. So that would be my answer I guess. As to my preferences compared to other guys, I have no idea. And honestly, I don't care. But I do pay attention to detail so it's different little things that can attract me to a girl. There's something attractive about every girl, it's just a matter of looking closely.

  • Those two girls you linked, sure they are attractive but it's because they're dolled up to turn guys on. Usually if a girl just looks nice and isn't acting like a bitch it's enough to get any guys attention. I think Dave Chapelle summed up the perfect woman/wife quite well; make me a sandwich, play with my balls, and don't talk so much.

  • My girlfriend of 6 years is 5 feet tall and under 100lbs, but I would still love her if one day she woke up 6 feet tall, and weighed 300 lbs. When you truly love someone it does not matter what they look like, it is just a bonus that I find my girl insanely attractive. Lol :)

  • Well first of all the girls you linked exhibit signs of fake tans and plastic surgery which are highly unattractive. A natural-ish look is what I go for. I dislike things like: Obvious hair dye jobs, hair that is too extravagantly styled, and too much accessories. They all bug me to no end. Same with lots of makeup.

  • It depends on how you look at things. People see more differences then you might, as an outsider. Most people do go for _somewhat_ similar looks, though there are a few outliers.

    For women, some women like guys with big muscles, others prefer leaner guys. But if you line up all the men in the world, they're actually talking about the lean vs. muscular end of guys who are in good shape, for the most part. So some women prefer guys who look like endurance sport athletes, and some women prefer guys who look like mixed sport athletes, and some women prefer guys who look like bodybuilders. Not many women prefer guys who look like the eat Doritos and play xbox all day. A fair number of women prefer a guy who doesn't look 'too perfect' at least that's what they say. There are a few women who like well outside of those, but generally women like men who look fit and athletic, but draw distinctions between what that means.

    Men? Some men say they like women who are slim - like a u.s. size 0-2. Some men say they like women who are curvy. They probably mean a u.s. size 6 or maaaaybe 8. The average American woman weighs close to 150 lbs, so the 'slim' guys and the 'curvy' guys are subdividing the 'thin' half of all women. But they see the differences between those. Similarly, some guys like smaller breasts, others larger ones. Some guys like blond hair, some brunette, some red. Not that many like really short hair - a few, but not many.

    So you could say 'all women like athletic men' and 'all men like slim women with a 2-3 waist/hip ratio' and this would sort of be true, but there's variance within that preference.

  • Those girls you posted are sexy, (well not to me, but I'm sure the majority of the male population). They're not pretty or beautiful though. I think a lot of men have difficulty distinguishing, or place a high emphasis on sexiness for whatever reason. Obviously to some degree it's understandable, our fundamental purpose is to procreate and pass on our genes. But, I'd rather take the whole into consideration, her nature if you will; warmth and compassion, and a natural beauty, are some of the things I value.

    • I like your answer but why does the biology thing have to come into EVERYTHING?Your right about those girls not being beautiful though.

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    • Yeah, I think it varies from person to person, but generally speaking, biology plays a big part in most people.No, but a 60 year old woman may be attractive, if she has good skin, she could even pass for 40.Women don't tend to find 60 year old men attractive either, but even they can pull it off sometimes.Yeah, I think it is natural too, but ever since I got with my boyfriend, the feelings for others, just went away, it's hard to explain.I don't think it's normal,but I do think it's good..

    • ..thing, because I feel the same, so it's nice to know that our feelings are shared.However, I'm not sure it will last forever, we have been together for two years already, but we are still pretty smitten.I don't think finding other women attractive is good,bad or healthy/unhealthy, it's just one of those things, and it's different for everyone.Yeah, I probably am adding things, but not to try and justify anything.I guess I like to be treated how I treat my partner at the time.

  • You're spot on. Guys are much more in similar in their taste in women (appearance wise) than women are in their taste in men. And both of the links you have are hot, hot girls. Most guys would absolutely agree with that.

    Personally, I'd say the one thing that a large number of guys seem to find attractive that I don't is a giant ass. Like Kim Kardashian. I'm not at all a fan, but it seems there's a sizeable number of guys who are.

    • And all along I thought you were a Boob Man.

    • I disagree about those girls being hot though, men complain about everything those women have, yet they find it attractive?I don't get it.I don't think men's perception of beauty is very good, I mean, those women are covered in makeup, hair extensions fake tan, fake boobs,etc.Everything about them is manufactured, I wonder whether you would still think they were hot before they'd been done up for their shoot.

  • if your comfortable and postive in your skin I will love you.seriously..and plus size can always change over a time of activitys and builds self confiedence..i would build my perfect women not look for her

  • All the links are attractive, guys just emphasize slightly more on the physical and girls slightly more on the social/emotional.

    If that guy is on the cover of GQ then he's amazing. The same guy, if he was some dirty tramp sleeping in the subway, or a weak minded unintelligent individual, not attractive.

    Physically, I don't really find unfit girls attractive. I like big curves and a phat @$$ sometimes and sometimes I like cute skinny girls with small boobs.

    They always have to have a nice booty and legs though, whoever I go for.

    Fat such as big love handles forming a muffin top really discusts me. Or arm fat.

    Unhealthy skinny girls turn me off too. Like the kind of skinny girl who you can tell is a natural ectomorph but she never gets real excersise so her muscles are underdeveloped. Like when her calf muscles just lean outwards.

    When a girl cakes on makeup without taking her time with it and its disusting and sloppy and she may as well just go au natural.

    Disproportionate body, when she's completely top heavy or her waist is bigger than her hips etc.

    The girls in the pics are attractive, but not necessarily what a guy wants to have permanantly especially if they are stupid or have bad personalities. Also guys will let physical imperfections slide depending on what they are able to get or how nice the girl is personality-wise.

  • Things that I find unattractive that a lot of guys find attractive?

    -Blonde hair

    -Small lips

    -Cottage cheese buttocks

    -Skinny noses

    -Heavy Makeup

    -Fake boobs

    -High Heels

    -Dark Lipstick

  • If we're speaking purely physical attraction:

    1) I don't find as attractive as most guys (black guys especially) is a big booty. I like the curves but a huge butt doesn't do as much for me. However.. if a girl had a big butt, it's by no means a deal breaker.

    2) fakeness: Most guys will say they like their girls natural. If I had two girls who are 8's, one whose natural other is fake (make-up, plastic etc..) I'd of course choose the natural.

    However, if there's a 8 fake and 5 natural, I'll choose the hottie. I don't mind make-up, fake boobs or push up bras, end product is what I like.

  • I'm a pretty open guy. I like skinny, plump, average, short, tall... as long as she has a proportionate body. It's not the size, its the shape. What I like physically in a girl is pretty standard, you know..breasts, butt, legs..etc. But I also love the neck, the nape of it, her hands..are they smooth? Her teeth, are they healthy? Her eyes, do the dazzle? And MOST important of all, the way she walks and her voice. I have to like her voice.

    As far turnoffs go, I have a few and most guys will agree with me.

    Bad breath(duh)

    Hair on her arms


    Body odour :There's a ginormous difference between the sexy natural scent of a girl and downright disgusting odour.

    Too much makeup

    AND the biggest turnoff of all : Insecurity and Neediness.

    • Everyone has arm hair, lol.

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    • Hair on their arms? That's part of being a mammal...

    • What I mean is too much hair on the arms, a little bit is fine. It's my personal preference.

  • attraction based on appearances are solely cultural. In very cold areas, the Inuit (at least I think its Inuit, correct me if I'm wrong) men are prone to liking women with more fat on them. And in places like Florida where its very hot, men prefer skinnier women.

  • hmm I only go for hot chicks so I'm pretty picky. I find a big nose, wide hips, bad hair, bad skin, bad teeth, brown eyes, fat, weird faces unattractive... If I'm drunk though I'll f*** anything

  • -too big of an ass

    -bad teeth

    -too big of titties

    -saggy titties

    -obesely fat (discussingly fat)

    -super fat (in between)

    -fat(not too fat but still fat)

    -too big of areola's

    -too big of lips

    -stupid looking hair

    -too big of eyes or nose


    -too skinny

    -granny flaps

    -lots of wrinkles

    -flat chest

    -flat ass

    -no hips

    -no waist

    -creepy eyes

    -weird voice

    -creepy personality and habits

    -commanding and manipulative personality

    -no sense of humor

    -hates video games

    -hates most of the things I like

    -complains a lot

    -is always annoyed by me

  • for me being too skinny. or being to fat in the wrong places. as long as you got a good female figure, I'm ready for all the action in the world of love

  • Those two girls in the links are hot, but not exactly my type... especially the blond. She looks more like a Barbie doll to me, and I'm not into blondes usually anyway. I like a hot girl but with that "girl next door" element of cuteness about her at the same time, if that makes sense. I can just tell you right now that those girls don't have it...

    But I mean generally if someone is attractive, they're attractive... If they're not, they're not. It can be fairly subjective tho, depending on the person.

  • Attractiveness is all well and good. It is something that is important - especially when you are young. As you get older, how somebody treats you and you treat them becomes more important. My son has a girl that he likes and she likes him. She is not the best looking girl at his school - and there are some hotties. However, she is cute, and she is good to him. I have told him to concentrate on being a nice guy and good friend. I am not saying looks are not important, but they will fade some day.

    As for your picture, I find that most guys are average looking or even 'nerdy' usually treat a girl far better. They don't have the pecs that your picture link has, so they are to rely on something else to hold a young lady's interest.

  • Lol wow those 2 girls you posted ARE my profile I have some pics of my kind of girl..

    Im latin so I LOVE latina girls..the tna skin..big round ass..smallish boobs..cute afce w black hair..yummy..

    as far as what I find ugly and most other guys like"

    too big boobs I prefer smaller..maybe a b-c cup lol

    too big ass I like medium..round..cute..tigth

    skinny thigh I love girls with nice thick thighs

    blonde hair

    fake t*ts,cosmetic surgery

    dresses too slutty..too much makeup,perfume,jewlery

    it end to go for shorter/petite girls...

    • You say you don't like fake t*ts, makeup or jewellery, yet the girls I posted links of you think are hot?Okay..

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    • No, I'm not jealous, I just have knowledge of how models always seem to look so 'hot,' from a guys perspective.I've had photoshoots, I've seen my pictures, I know I don't look like that in real life, so the models don't, either.Umm their faces are airbrushed?Their bodies?Duh, don't you know anything?

      Right, and have you seen celebrities without makeup?Let me show you, link ...

    • link


      Point proven?Thanks.

  • Why don't you find that guy attractive? What do you prefer instead?

    Both of those girls are attractive, however the type of pictures you have choosen doesn't built attraction. If you picked pictures that shows these models having fun, I doubt anyone these answerers would say that they don't find them attractive. The same goes to the guy picture you have chosen.

    I personally can't say if those two models are my type since I can't picture how they would look if I saw them in real life. Plus they don't have any cloth on lol. Which is a very important part of attraction.

    I don't have a particular type of girls I like, As long as they are not odd looking or extremely overweight.

    • I'm not a fan of muscles, they repulse me.

      Is attraction so narrow between men that all guys would find those girls attractive?Despite the fact they have all the things men claim to hate?I don't understand men.

  • drugs. drugs are out.

  • Too much make up I guess, but most people don't like that either. I think it is much easier to pick that I like than what I don't like.

  • I've never been a fan of massive breasts. They look very odd and might even because a woman back problems. Overall, I like a lot of different shapes, but not 40GG's. That's just too much.

  • Megan fox.

    • I agree, ugh :|

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    • Hmmm. I think plenty of them are drooling over the airbrushed version of her. That's not to say she's a bad looking woman, but without the touchups of the computer and also the makeup, she's not as smokin' as some everyday women are naturally.

    • So what?Lots of women have been voted the 'sexiest' woman alive, doesn't mean they are.Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and I think Megan Fox looks superficial and trashy.

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  • I don't like the guy in the link either because he just looks so...FAKE , like oily and tooooo much muscles , I like the more natural muscle look not the body builder magazine muscle look .

    I don't like chest hair lol but I love hair everywhere else.

    Just so kissing his chest will be easier , I have a thing for kissing a guys chest LOL .

  • What you've posted is just the "stereotypical" PRETTY girl. But they are NOT pretty. They're appealing to men, yes, but in a sexual manner. Not in a romantic, loving way. I know a lot of guys who would say, "Oh yeah, I'd tap that!" But they might see a more natural, down-to-Earth girl & say something different. Like, that she's beautiful.

    To me, it means SOOO much more to be told I'm gorgeous or beautiful, rather sexy or hot. That way I know I'm loved in more than just a sexual way. It's not as shallow.

    I know I'm not a guy, but I know a lot of men, so I figured I'd add some input. :)

  • I like a guy who has a little chest hair, but not a ton, like his whole body is covered! lol I like this (:

    link I like numbers 4, 7, and 8.

  • Physical attraction is completely a personal thing.

    They say men are attracted to women like their mothers.

    Personally I don't like muscled men, I find it unattractive and intimidating.

    This is more what I like: link

    Slim, slender, not over the top men. This was the best picture I could find...

    • I definitely agree! That guy is hott. And I feel like hard core muscled guys look like they're trying too hard or something, I think more naturally defined lean muscles look so much better than bulging ones.

    • Exactly. Completely with you. I hate the ripped look so much, it's weird to know your boyfriend tries harder than you do lol.. I'm much more comfortable with telling my man he's gorgeous and meaning it without fear of his T-shirt exploding off his arms.

  • love this question! haha.. u've got some interesting guy answers too :)

  • Hah, I agree with you. I don't like that kind of guy, and I don't see the appeal in the girls that most guys seem to find attractive. Honestly, it seems like most guys like girls that fit the same sort of...archetype. Well, that's not the right word, but they all seem to look somewhat similar, with little variations - like Betty and Veronica, both exactly the same except for the hair haha.

  • The guy is good looking but I don't really care about muscles. Like if a guy had a six pack I would prob be like OK whatever it doesn't really make a big difference. But I think different men have different tastes and I've heard so many stories about a guy that prefers a certain type of girl but end up falling for someone totally different.

  • Yeah, I don't find the muscly guy that attractive either. It screams I spent my life in the gym, not with you or anything else.

    I find the muscle level a step or two down from that nice to look at, but not in the "I want to pounce that way", more in the "I want to draw that/ observe the human figure way"

    That slim-thin-skinny with broadness in the shoulder though...that I want to hit.

  • good question! 5 stars :)

    i totally agree with u, I don't like muscular men at all so fake and cliche and just eiikkk. I like natural men.

    and for women, the orange tan look and fake boobs ugh makes me puke. I can't stand fake boobs they look so fugly and obvious. natural breasts droop down naturally like tear drop shape and just look so much better.

  • I totally agree with you on the link of that gross! I like men to look like men...not oiled up, hairless washboards.

    • Uh huh!I loveeeeeee body hair, umm I like my man to actually look like a man.And what's with all the pretty boys these days? :|

    • Exactly! Whoever started the metrosexual movement should be shamed. There needs to be a public service announcement that let's guys know we LIKE them manly and hairy lol

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