Many girls will do the same. Have you ever noticed this?

I was on Facebook/phonezoo and even here adding girls who are ultra hot (whether it's a fake profile or not, I could care less), but in real life, I've only ever gotten average looking girls

Many girls will do the same. They'll add ultra hot men online but I see many of them with average looking men in real life (I'm a straight guy, just know an attractive guy when I see one).

Why do you think this is?


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  • maybe its becasuse us girls like to make guys jealous sometime like one time a guy broke up with me and I added a bunch of super hot guys on Facebook and it made him jealous

    • Seems a bit immature, doesn't it?

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    • Wouldn't you rather leave him on a good note. Now he's going to go tell all his friends that you can become a jealous bitch. Word gets out and you might want to mature!

    • it doesn't necessarily mean you need to mature becuase a person could be mature they may just have an immature moment

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