When all girls have is their looks, it's understandable that that's all they look for in a dude..

but, when it's an ugly out of shape girl, why does she think she deserves the best looking guy? It's like, hey, open your eyes, looks is something you don't have as well as personality. What do you guys think?


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  • I know both men and women who are extremely shallow and think just like this. They don't spend time on their personality or intellect, and only care about material posessions and their looks. I hate it when people think they "deserve" to be with someone who is good looking. We all have different standards of what we consider attractive, so a guy I rate as a 10 might only be a 6 in some other girl's books. Besides, our worth is not based on looks alone.


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  • They're probably insecure or feeling shallow.. I know some out of shape women who definitely do NOT act like that, so don't say they're all the same! Plus, why does it bother you anyway? It's not like you're being affected by their obnoxious behavior. Live & let live.

    • Well, it is bothersome, when they sweat me and then run around telling the community I'm trying to get with them and it's like...gross, yeah right. lol. You know?

    • Agreeed, that's uncool. Tell them to stop spreading false rumors and to get back to the kitchen..

  • Some people have had smoke blown up their ass all their lives and are so confident that they genuinely believe they are the greatest and thus seek that. Good for them for their confidence honestly.


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