If you see a girl with naturally curly or frizzy hair do you automatically assume it's unkempt?

Question above.

I have curly hair and I was recently told that my hair looks unkempt because it's curly. My hair is certainly not unkempt. I actually spend a lot of time on it.

I'm korean and african American in case you were wondering.


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  • um I would have to see it to say. if there is a lot of frizz it probably looks unkempt, it also depends how its styled and what it looked like. there are some people who still think any natural hair w/o a perm looks unkempt figure out how that person fels about curly hair in general. does it truly look unkempt or is it just not straight enough for them?


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  • No. Especially if they're black. Its just the way such hair is.


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  • Curly, no. Frizzy, maybe.

    Usually it's pretty easy to tell if someone's not actually taking care of their hair though.

    • I'm talking about the type of frizzy that comes along with having coarse or ethnic hair, not the unkempt frizzy.

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