Girls if you find a guy attractive but don't know him well and he tell you he likes you very early?

How would you respond? You text him, give him all the signs but don't know him well. He telsl you he likes you very early on (im the guy by the way) and then you tell him that you don't feel the same and will not speak to the guy again if he mentions liking you again?

Why would a very talkative attractive girl react like that when the guy tells her he likes her albeit without knowing her? Why would she stop talking to me even though she was finding me attractive etc and beginning to get to know each other?

Does it take longer for girls to like a guy?


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  • How early on did he tell her he liked her? If he said it the first day or really early it could have turned her off. some people would rather get to know someone better before they decide how much they like them. She knows you like her for her looks and not actually her because you don't know her.


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  • Some girls (this includes me) like to get to know the guy before liking/not liking him. I go for personality etc. so it does take time. I wouldn't really fall for looks that easily. I mean, I'd acknowledge that someone is good looking, but I wouldn't like them JUST because they are attractive full stop.

  • It depends on the situation for an example length of time you been talking.what kind of relationship.did she just get out of a long term relationship. She might be afraid to move to fast and getting hurt again. She might not be sure of her feelings for you. I know for one takes me a while to develop some kind of feelings. Just keep. Talking to her and see where it goes when she's ready yo share feelings you will be able to tell.


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