Would I look good with dreads?

My cousin once did it and nobody liked it and yes we're both white. I've been thinking of trying it, once I let it grow out so that I actually could but..I wanted a second opinion. Go to my profile and you'll see a photo of my face and head shape. (sorry for how big the picture is, I edited out my body in the "paint" program)

So would I look good with them?


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  • It'll make you look a little wild, because you don't have that "pretty boy look" I say go for it. The good thing with guys and dreads is if it doesn't work out you could shave it off and rock short hair anyway.

    • I wouldn't and never have gone for the pretty boy look. It's too a-feminine for me

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    • ohh okay. Lot's of people are strongly opposed to dreads lol! I believe you shouldn't be afraid to experiment. And also, there are dread-lock wigs in wig stores. Try one on to see how you'll look. If you're serious about this girl, I understand why you'd wanna take her advice tho.

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  • i've never been into dreads on anyone so I'd say no.. but if you wanna try it out go for it! you might like it :)

  • no idea what you look like so can't give deffinite answer


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