Would guys think less of me if I wore a wig?

I have long jet black hair and I want to experiment with cut and color but don't want to dye my hair because it's sensitive to chemicals (damage easily) and I don't want to cut it because it took a while to get it this long so my friend suggested wigs.

I really want to try an ash brown color and I found the perfect wig.

What do guys think of girls who wear wigs assuming it looks natural?


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  • I mean just try it on to see what you would like with the color then decide on dying it? I prefer a girls real hair.

    • I like the color but I'm afraid my real hair is going to fall out or get badly damaged and that's not hot.

      What's wrong with wearing a wig?

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    • Have you ever asked yourself why?

    • Whats attractive about a girl using something that isn't hers?

  • that would be really cool and pretty and it will make you way prettier then you already are

  • No I don't think so and I wouldnt


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  • I think it's fine, N the guys I know love it, if they can even tell. I'd go for it. It's better than cutting or damaging your hair N then regretting it!


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