Does it bother you when you hear people say "looks don't matter" when they definitely do?

Honestly, unless you're blind, looks DO matter. Of course they shouldn't be the dominant factor, but the way someone looks definitely does play a role in attraction.

I find it funny that people tend to "downplay" this cold hard truth on the answers on this site. This gives a false sense of focus in these people seeking advice.

They'll think that they don't have to have a style, or can be apathetic / sloppy / lazy about their looks, and be successful in dating.

So to all my users...why do you think that people give dishonest (yes, I said DISHONEST) answers / advice about appearance to these people that are seeking advice?

Thanks for your input, and may my fellow GaGers (no homo) get advice to be successful in the dating world. :)


Most Helpful Guy

  • Yes, looks do matter, or they do to me. Thankfully for the girls out there, there are lots of different "types" of girls I find attractive. I'm brutally honest at times, even when people don't like to hear what I have to say. For me, the number one deal-breaker is being fat. Less than 5% of girls who are fat having eating disorders or thyroid problems. That means that 95% of girls that are overweight are so because of their own lifestyle choices.

    A magazine with a skinny girl on the front cover doesn't make you eat cookies. You eat cookies. I find fat abhorrent in both men and women, but because I only date women, this is my number one deal-breaker. In America, we have a fatness epidemic, something we are in denial as a nation:


    As for the rest of a girl's looks, I am very open to different ethnic groups, heights, breast sizes, hair and eye colors, etc. There's literately tons of girls out there I find attractive, but often girls are their own worst enemy in criticizing their own looks. Finding a healthy girl that isn't overweight and has confidence in her looks (whether she's just "cute" or "drop dead gorgeous" seems to be the greatest challenge to me in the "looks don't matter department".

    Yes looks matter, but one part is the person doing the viewing and one part is the person being viewed.


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  • Because we're called shallow, bitches, or shallow bitches when we tell the truth. Or we're shamed with "the best looking guys treat you like crap so date a nice guy regardless of whether you're attracted to him" or something.

  • Look do matter. But beauty is subjective. For me I find myself attracted to a guy who is in reasonably good shape, has a head full of hair, 5'9" or taller, good teeth, and hygiene. Those are the important ones the rest really depends in the person as a whole.

    Having said that, bad personality is deal breaker

  • To not hurt the other persons' feelings.. I mean, that's all that it comes down too.


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  • Looks definitely matter, ask any person that's gotten the 'eww' response from their crush.


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