What do guys like?

I just want to know what type of clothes guys find attractive on girls. And I'm not talking about really tight revealing clothes. Just like, what styles and stuff do they like. And how they like a girl to do her hair. I still want to be myself, and am not going to change how I look, so guys will find me more attractive. I just want to know.


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  • Personally I like a girl wearing a hoodie, normal jeans, and a ponytail or long hair straight down (bangs tucked to one side is great as well). If a girl is wearing revealing clothes I immediately think she's not modest and that's a huge turn off. Not gonna lie though. I check out girls wearing revealing clothes. It's just the only way I'd tap them is if I was tapping their faces with a baseball bat as hard as I can

  • natural look (no make - up) wear jeans, or a skirt(not mini) and a t-shirt(loose), and long hair(if straight,) else curly short hair.


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