What is a good body size?

OK so I'm not the smallest thing in the world but not the biggest ( 5'8, 217) I've been told I don't look that big but what is a healthy size I work out daily, and I try my best to eat right.


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  • Well I'm 5'8 closer to 5'9 -

    My doc says the ideal weight is like 122 - 165 or something like that.

    I'm 135 which is petite.

    You'd be considered overweight - but it matters more how the weight is disriputed that would dictate sexiness and what not.

    If you have bigger breast, hips, thighs, ass - not neccesarily detrimental to your female image - oh and wearing the right clothes that flatter you will def help.

    Working out is great - but don't think just riding the eliptical or running the treadmill for 30 min a day is going to do much.

    If you have weights available to you - start doing squats, ab stuff, and toning after running / cardio. You'll burn fat but tone as well which will keep everything tighter and sexier - especially the abs which will suck your stomach in.

    Keep eating good - it's more about portion control - makes no sense to eat like 3 bowls of salad lol couterproductive - and that's often the hardest part is snacking and fighting against your body which is making you crave cake and bigger portions - because that's what it's use too.

    I believe you'll get your weight down since your putting in good effort - Ideal weight for you I'd say - would probably be around 155 - 165 ish. Maybe even a little lighter if you want - but it seems your biology is more " heavier " for lack of a better word - so shooting for 125 may not look so great for your body type, ( like lose a bit of your curviness :/ )

    • I don't have big breasts at all. I have an unusually small waist because I dance a lot. my hips, butt, stomach, and thighs are big. Doing sit-ups do they do anything, my friend told me it doesn't make your stomach smaller just tightens muscles? Have you ever heard of herbal life I did that for a while, and lost like 30 pounds. I've tried doing it lately, but my friends yell at me that I'm starving myself, because you substitute two meals for protein shakes. Any ideas what to tell them?

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    • but it's good working those abs pain :)

      Well, protein shakes like that, are sure to provide your body with the nutrients it needs to survive, just enough nutrients to keep you healthy, but without excess calories so your body can pull extra from fat - burning it off.

      Plus tell your friends that most people don't get enough protein - so the shakes are actually making you healthier than unhealthy :D

      Plus, you do eat that one meal and I'm sure some low fat snacks in between

    • so your def not starving yourself. My trainer put me on a similar plan - not for losing weight (God I'd be annorexic in two days lol,) but to help build muscle. I was energized and felt loads healthier than when I was just eating regularly so.

      It's not bad for you and your def not starving yourself.

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  • Well, my wife is 5'6", 105lbs. and sexy as can be, but if she was 5'8", 217lbs, she would still be sexy to me because of how she was personality wise. If you want to look healthy, work to the size that makes you happy, not someone else. :)

  • Well 5'8 is pretty tall. Depends how you carry it. I'd like to see less than 180lbs. With 120-160 being my preference zone.

    • I've been told I look 170, but because I was in basketball I gained a lot of muscle on my legs so I don't know...

    • That factors in. Picture tells a thousand words.

      Anyways guys like different things. So don't worry what any one guy says.

  • 5' - 98lbs is perfect for carrying around the house.


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  • link


    I'm assuming you're somewhere in between that range.

    All bullsh*tting and political correctness aside, you're overweight; in fact, you're considered obese.


    BMI isn't 100% accurate but when a girl hits the 200's it ain't from muscle--it's from fat.

    A good weight would be anything from 120(women who are smaller framed)-165lbs

    -30 to 60 minutes of cardio a day. You can start out slow with 3 10 minute walks every single day or perhaps sign yourself up for a 5K and begin training (Couch5k is a great program and you can download it into your ipod/itouch) or begin taking aerobic/zumba/whatever fitness classes every other day working up to everyday. Swimming is amazing but I'm just going on the wild assumption that it's not exactly summer where you live

    -Don't forget to lift weights. Whether you're trying to tone up or lose weight, why would you wanna be weak ya know? It's really good for you as a woman and it burns more calories

    You don't have to come up with some ridiculous goal or whatever, but you should try to be at a healthier weight. I might have been harsh but I'm not going to encourage being at an unhealthy weight.

  • i'd aim for a BMI (body mass index) of between 20-30 and weight between 130-145 depending on how you carry it. also its healthiest to take your height in inches (in your case 68) and divide it in half so (34 inches) and your waist should be that size or smaller to be considered healthy. measure that at the smallest part near your belly button. I think your main goals should just be being happy with your body yourself and being healthy.

  • any size just depends on how you feel about you not what everyone else thinks of u

  • a good body size makes you feel good about yourself. you are happy to see your body in the mirror and feel confident about yourself. however, if you are overweight (which you are, I'm sorry) I would say it is important to get it down to normal range for health reasons. I would see a doctor-nutritionist and trainer to give you help.

    you probably aren't eating right and exercising right.


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