How do I take earstuds out?

I had my ears pierced today and they sprayed it with a substance afterward. However, when I got home, I could take the studs out. Am I supposed to take it out straight away or must I wait for a few weeks? How do I take it out? I've been pulling twisting, (maybe not hard enough) but it won't come out.


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  • You have to leave them in. If you take them out now you risk the hole closing up and not healing properly. It will also hurt a lot and bleed because you are supposed to wait 6 weeks for them to heal.

    The standard time to leave them in is 6 weeks. And you must clean them every day and twist them around to let the hole heal properly. I know it sucks, especially if you have a pair of earrings you want to wear, but if you leave them in you won't have any problems and you will be much happier with the piercing.

    Taking them out now can lead to infection, or make the holes not heal properly and then you will have trouble taking earrings in and out and probably have to get them pierced again. Don't waste your money and time, just leave them in the 6 weeks, and wait patiently. It's worth the wait and it will save you money because you won't have to get them re-done and won't risk infection.

    I know this because I have had my nose pierced twice and my ears pierced when I was 16. And I also go with many of my friends when they get their piercings done.


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  • You definitely have to wait before taking them out. If you take them out now, the holes will close back up. As I recall, you have to wait at least six months. At least, that's what I remember being told. Just make sure to clean and twist the earrings every day!

    • Can I just clean with soap and water?

    • You probably could, but I'd recommend buying some cleanser specially made for cleaning your earrings, just in case. Plain soap and water might be a little harsh on your ears while they're trying to heal.

    • Okay. Thank you! :)

  • no you have to leave them in for 6 weeks and spray them and twist them around everyday. when you got your ears peirced they should have told you that.

  • You're suppose to wait (I'm not sure exactly but they should have told you) or else they'll close


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