How do I approach girls?

Ok,women this questions has never been asked.

But say a guy grew up without a male role model. And hasn't had that much dating experience.

But at the same time knows has a knack for making up what he lacks. Like what to look for in a woman,what makes a relationship work? And an ability to make up what he lacks. At the same time no matter how hard he tries. And puts himself out there he gets overlooked And has confidence and a sense of humor. What advice would you give him?


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  • I'd say you're trying too hard.

    Case in point. Last week I was at the library and when I turned my head there was a guy hovering over me. He introduced himself and said that he came over to say that he thought I was pretty. I was a little thrown, but he seemed nice enough. We got to talking. I explained that I was not interested in dating, but we were in the same major and it's always good to meet new people so no, he was not bothering me (he asked if he was bothering me). He suggested grabbing a beer, as a friendly thing. I said ok. Bad idea. He kept talking about how he would make a great boyfriend, all his qualities, etc. While he had some good things to say, and I trust the these are truly qualities he has, he also just overdid it. He ignored the fact that I was not interested, and I when I said it the umpteenth time, he blamed it on me thinking he wasn't attractive enough. At that point I left.

    He was a little weird in the end, but I think he truly suffered from knowing what you know, and just putting it all out there way too fast. You shouldn't have to list off your qualities. If you truly have them then they will show through. A woman worth dating will see that. You also shouldn't over do it. Me personally, I can't stand when I meet people and they go straight into the whole dating thing. It's not that they don't seem great, it's just too much. At this point in the game, we're just talking. There's no need to go go overboard.

    You just need to back off a bit. It's not that you have to play games and act like an ass, but just be normal. Pretend you were talking to your guy friends. Honestly, I will be far more interested in a guy who treats me like a friend when we talk than someone who treats me as a future girlfriend. I choose if I want to date someone after I know them and feel comfortable with them. I never go into meeting someone with the intention of dating. I just like to be treated normally, and honestly that's how a lot of women prefer it.

    • What if the guy was Brad Pitt. No, not a guy that looked like brad Pitt. The real Brad Pitt himself.

      The other thing about this is, is that you seemed to come up with a vague sign of disinterest and then blame him for not getting the hint.

      Men do not deal in subtleties.

      So yeah I agree, its bad to play games, you know like walking up to a girl and telling her right away that you are not interested in dating. That's just wrong.

    • From now on I'm going to:

      A: hover over a girl to surprise her.

      B: Praise the woman like the goddess she is, the whole time bowing.

      C: Beg her to go out with me.

      D: Try to prove my worthiness.

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  • dont try to be someone at ALL different than who you are no matter how much you like the girl. EVER! if she doesn't lke the real you she's not your girl. keep trying and test around with a bunhc of different girls. don't try too hard. believe in yourself! hope this helped!



  • Look for people who might have common interests with you. This gives you something to talk to them about. If conversation is sometimes hard, knowing a lot about something you have in common can be very helpful. Don't be afraid to put yourself out there. Most girls are actually really nice (of course there are some that are not, but the majority are) and they aren't going to put you down or make you feel bad (even if they aren't interested). Don't be afraid to be yourself either. It's better to be yourself in the beginning than to be somebody else and have the girl find out that you were faking it the whole time. Always stay positive and confident. Even if you aren't feeling confident, don't let it show. [= Lastly, never give up, because you will find somebody, it just takes time sometimes.

  • i'd tell him not to give up hope that the girl for him would come along some day, and just to keep trying no matter what

    • Geee,what a disappointment?

      I'd expect more but I guess until someone's gone thru

      what I have no one understands

  • just do it!

  • with your mouth and tongue.

  • okay. These people have good points but also, some women don't always like a guy with no flaws. No one is perfect and if a guy is always showing a woman that he is all that, its like saying that you only want someone perfect. Also, showing that you have a weekness can be a turn on for women. Its just from another woman's perspective.


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  • Women don't know the answer to this question.

    They live in a different world.

    What experience do girls have approaching girls for dates?

    What experience do girls have being a guy approaching a girl?


    They also have tons of experience dealing with experiencing rejection, dealing with controlling the conversation, and with leading the entire courtship.

    They don't know logically what attracts them, or what works on them. They go with their feelings.

    And lets say one of them knew, they would not tell you what works on them personally. Its like giving you the keys to their house. Its not going to happen.

    Some advice women give: "just be yourself."

    "dont be afraid to put yourself out there."

    "Be confident."

    "Don't play games."

    "Be nice."

    "compliment them"

    Oh and btw, when you are dying of starvation in the desert, just drink some water.

    Being yourself doesn't work otherwise you would have a girlfriend by now, you need to make a change.

    Yeah, just put yourself out there and poop words to women. that works great.

    Confidence is great if you don't feel like a loser already. How exactly does one attain this?

    Don't play games, because we women are the only ones who are allowed to.

    Nice guys finish last.

    Try approaching women and tell them how great they are, see how far that gets you.

  • these 3 persons score very high with girls/women

    the I don't care guy = exactly what it says.and he is not afraid to try something new

    funny guy= try to be original but now a clown. turn to serious again else they think you can only be funny.

    style guy= this guy is more about the style of clothing what gets women to like .he doesn't have to be afraid for rejection because his style helps allot.

    choose one of them and try to master it. tbh I advice you to be all but you will see that it will be pretty hard to be them all but good luck

  • Lol ending the question with a question. I guess that answers my question should I ask this question again.

  • Be courageous and make the move and go strength to point, don't mansion what u don't have, if she is alone she will give u a good answer

  • Okay I'm going to make this very easy for you. You need the professor. go to YouTube and search Tom lykis or lykis101 make sure you have something to write with... you're going to thank me later

  • definitely cute :)

  • Become rich case close.

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