What facial features make a girl look unattractive?

I have been told I have beautiful eyes but they don't seem to make up for the rest of my face, because I get told all the time that I am ugly. I have a good complexion, thin eyebrows, and I will wear make up when I go out. However, that doesn't stop people from making fun of the way that I look all the time. I am a very clean person, and I do my best to do what I can to look good in public. My hair is never messy, and I shower everyday.

So I'm wondering what makes a girl seem so ugly even when she tries?


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  • There's not a lot of girls out there I consider ugly. By far, there are more "average", "normal" or even "pretty" girls. Even girls that aren't stunning can still improve if they take some steps to work with what they have.

    Here's some ideas to answer your question:

    + A really, really, really large nose. (can't really do much about this)

    + A chin more manly than mine (same as above)

    + A bushier mustache than mine (try laser hair removal?)

    + A really large forehead (let your hair grow out to soft it up, this is workable)

    Beauty is one part what you were born with, and one part knowing what to do to maximize what you already have. Hopefully this helped.

    • Lol. 'A chin more manly than mine'. +1

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    • I think I might have the chin problem... lol, my face is kind of big. I used to have a huge nose, but I grew into it. I do my best to do what I can with my eyes since they are my best feature, and everyone comments on them.

    • If you haven't done so already, grow your hair out really long, including your bangs. It will help soften a large face/head BY A LARGE MEASURE! Long hair softens a face on any girl and can really help improve your look.

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  • Who is telling you that you are ugly? For F's sake, you need to find some new people to hang out with.

    I bet you look fine. You've let a few people get to you, and I guess they enjoy getting a reaction out of you, but they are probably full of sh!t.

    What really matters is how YOU feel about you. If YOU feel good about yourself, most other people will too.

    • it's not friends of mine, it's other people. Like today when I was waiting in the elevator these guys I'd never met before were making fun of me, even though they thought I couldn't hear (or maybe they didn't care) because I had headphones in. They were saying things like "There's one for you!" "Ew no, she is nasty!" And this is something I encounter all the time. Today I was dressed decently, had my hair styled and I had a little make up on. I get barked at sometimes.

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    • The problem is they were probably about my age, give or take a few years and I'm 25. They weren't teens or anything, and it's adult I get this from.

    • They might have BEEN 25, but they certainly weren't acting like it.

  • theres absolutely no facial features that makes a girl luk unattractive because fat guys like fat girls thin guys go with thin girls and this happens in most causes ...according to a research people usually are attracted to those who have same face dimension as their partner so every1 has some1

    • I've actually heard this as well, and looking at my sister and her boyfriend I believe it's true.

  • Having facial hair especially a mouthstache


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  • I'd say a frown or never smiling.


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