What's the best way to straighten curly hair?

My hair is insanely thick and curly. I just bought a sedu flat iron yesterday.

I tried it out on a few pieces of hair, and it worked but it seems like some parts of my hair didn't take well to the flat iron.

How do I get my hair super sleek and straight?

What products should I use, and is there a some kind of special technique to get it straight with the flat iron?


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  • Charles Worthington Dream Hair! (Or nicknamed by my friends "Purple Squeezy Bottle" =P)

    I use it everyday, even though I probably don't need to because my hair is more wavy than curly, and isn't too big and thick.

    But my best friend's hair is very curly, and very thick. I told her to buy it, even though I wasn't sure it would work because it wasn't miraculous on mine, but for her it made her hair absolutely sleek and fabulous! You could genuinely see the difference.

    That was a year ago, and she still uses it (straight OR curly) as it cuts down on frizz and makes straightening a lot easier.

    I definately recommend!


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  • i face the exact same problem so just blow dry it when it is wet and brush it out during and then when you are done just straighten then when you wake up in the morning fix it or go to a salon and just pay to get it chemicaly straightend and it lasts for like 2 monthes on my hair and I have hair like longer then max greene kinda like ronie radke


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  • Wellll, my hair is big, think, and curly as well! I have a chi, and when I straighten my hair, I do it section by section with a clippy. From the bottom to the top. To make it silky and shiny DEFINITELY use biosilk! It smells good, looks good, feels good, I just love it! Curly hair tends to be dry so try using some leave-in conditioner too.

    When you are straightening a strand, do it slowly (not so slow that it burns tho lol), and get close to your roots.

    Hope that helps! :)