Do I have thin hair?

I'm having a lot of trouble curling my hair and I was wondering if it was because I have thin hair. Why won't my hair curl? :c If it does curl, it only stays in for a short amount of time.

Me (There are other pictures of me, so you can scroll through the album.):



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  • In some of these pictures you have a curl in your hair ...

    What do you do to curl your hair? do you spray it to make it stay?

    I have pretty thin hair myself and never have any problem curling it what so ever, but it does drop out if I curl it with heat (i.e straighteners or a curling iron) and then don't fix it with hairspray after.

    There are tons of methods to curling hair:

    Velco rollers, you'd have to use pretty small ones.

    Pin curls.

    Rag curls.

    Curling iron.

    Just plaiting you hair and leaving it over night.

    With straighteners.

    Seen as you said you have wavy hair you can do scrunhing too (towel dry hair, put some curl defining mousse or poduct on it - though the roots and at the tips and leave to dry naturally, or dry with a diffuser - not a normal hair dryer).

    • Sometimes it will curl, but as soon as I leave my house it falls.

      Actually, last year my hair curled very well. I didn't really do anything different except take care of my hair more. So it's really healthy. But I don't know why it won't curl now :(

    • Well like I said- try using something to fix it - some hair spray - something like that. And if you're using heat to curl your hair, with straighteners or a curling iron; then maybe try not conditioning your hair before hand, or don't do it the day you wash it - leave it until the next day. For some hair types it can be a problem.

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  • you have fine straight hair that's all. it doesn't have the thickness to be curled. anyway what's wrong with it been straight? curly hair is not always good.

    • I actually straighten my hair. My hair is somewhat wavy. It sounds stupid, but since I know I'm not the prettiest person out there, I like my hair and makeup to look good. If you take care of your hair it can look pretty no matter what. But sadly my hair doesn't seem to want to curl, or at least stay curled. :/

    • Because girls like a change! It's nice to have the option to swap between straight, wavy and curly as we please :)

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  • Try to use Mane and tail for thickening hair and Reloxe for hair growth.

  • yes its thin...i can't curl my hair either. it sucks -__-

  • Don't know if it is because it's thin.

    But I have long very thin hair and mine never curls either, so it's possibly that.


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