What do you consider fat?

I am 5'8 and weigh about 160lbs...I am going to try to get down to 150 but I'm just wondering what people think. I feel like I'm gross but people think I look good, especially since I have officially lost 70lbs...what do you think?
Oh, and if you could give some examples of acceptable looks that would be cool. Like what you think is fat and what you think is thin or acceptable :)


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  • Can you send me a pic?Then I'll give you my answer. Mike


What Girls Said 1

  • stop trying to find out what other people consider fat and if you fit in their 'fat' category.

    if you want to lose some more weight...do it and don't worry about what size others will consider you.

    • Sorry I don't want to show up to a beach and get made fun of. I like to know what people think for that reason. Because if I ask my friends their like "oh yea! You look good" because no friend is going to be like...you shouldn't wear that...

    • my friends would...cause their true friends

    • Lol, but I wanna know what strangers think are fat...not people I know...

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