Do I sound attractive?

I was just wondering because I have never had a boyfriend and I am oblivious to anything of that sort so I was just wondering why? So please bear the list and tell me what you think.

I eat.. all the time, like stuff that fat is made of, but I am super skinny with a small chest (A). I am around 5 7’ with nice legs, because I walk all the time and have skin that is on the paler side, but not translucent or anything and I do not have many freckles, and I do not burn like a lobster, when I am in the sun I tan rather then burn, but I do not go tanning.

I am a redhead, but my hair is on the strawberry blond side and I wear it wavy/curly and it is a little past my shoulders.

I wear natural browns and bronzy makeup on my eyes with mascara, but not a mask, just something to bring out my eyes that are on the bigger side. I have bigger lips, but my top lip is kinda small for my bottom lip, but not to noticeable. I have a medium size nose. I do not wear much skin makeup because my skin is nice.

I have sort of an Abercrombie sense of style, but I do not like to blend in and I like bright colors and some lace. I am sort of girly, with my tomboy side because I love classic cars and football. I am not afraid to get messy and I love going to the shooting range. (Is this a turn off or something? Do guys not like girls to like guyish stuff?)


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  • Sound pretty attractive, tough to really say without a picture though. Describing what someone really looks like is one of the toughest things to do.

  • Pics, words are meaningless.


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