Are stylish guys considered girly?

Putting effort into dressing up/looking pretty is a feminine trait and that's why I'm wondering if girls think stylish guys are wimps/have low testosterone levels. Most stylish guys I know are either gay or girly. Do girls automatically assume a guy is girlie and sensitive if he's stylish? Do girls love stylish guys because they remind them of their girl friends (go shopping together)? Or do they prefer men who do manly things instead of putting effort into dressing up (caring about fashion)?
"A guy who puts effort looks better than he would if he put in no effort"

real men don't put effort into looking good. nature didn't program men to put effort into looking good. it's a woman's job to look pretty/care about her appearance. it's a man's job to protect her/care for family. creative and sensitive guys (female brain) are stylish. real men focus on more important (manly) things. nowadays many men turn into women/sissy boys (metrosexuals) - feminized and unable to protect. shameful.


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  • Guys always worry about looking "girly", lol. I don't agree with the stereotype about gay men being stylish (I mean, some are and some aren't, just like anybody else on the planet), but here's a short guide to help you decode the rest of your question on style:

    A well-groomed guy is actually really attractive. A guy who is OVERLY conscious of his appearance just comes off as being too self-involved. A guy who is shaggy indicates that he doesn't care about himself, let alone the people around him. The exception to the rules are (1) when a guy's getting out of a massive repair job, surgery, or some similar activity, where he's just naturally going to look a little shaggy around the edges; (2) when a guy dresses for a major occasion and is atypically well-groomed (weddings, etc.).

    Do I want a stylish guy by my side? Of course, but style isn't just about clothing, it's about "swag" -- personality, not Armani.

    Bottom line? Be a Manning, not a Brady... It's important to *look* good, but being good (inside out) is better than being stylish.


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  • Lol no. Its definitely attractive and not feminine. Girls aren't the only people who know how to take care of themselves. You don't have to care about fashion to look good/dress up either. Just be yourself. But a clean cut look where it shows that the guy has a clue about how to take care of himself/dress himself is sexy.

  • It's not girlie unless the clothes he picks out are feminine. A guy who puts effort looks better than he would if he put in no effort. He doesn't have to rush out and buy every piece from the latest collection, but he should have some form of a style and look good.

    • How are you going to say that "real men" don't take effort into looking good? So all guys who do put effort into looking good *aren't* real men? Instead of dictating what we find attractive, maybe you should listen to us. If you think women would pass up a good looking guy who we're attracted to, to be with a guy who is too arrogant to care about making himself appealing to women, well good looking with your real man ass lol

  • DishLady, I couldn't have said it better myself. My last boyfriend was really on the stylish side, but still manly enough to where I still felt protected around him. But I liked how stylish he was, mostly because he wasn't all about name brands, he just wanted to look nice for me and nice in general. It was fun helping him pick out outfits and going shopping, it showed that he valued my opinion. There was that new level of comfort that I got from him. It was that same comfort that I got being around my "girlfriends", this didn't make him appear gay, but it was one of the things that made him a boyfriend and a best friend at the same time.


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  • Lol buddy most men look like men It's just the level of effort put into it that can determine what kind of men.

    Man: link

    Also a Man: link

    • HAHAHAHA FIRST PIC HAHAHAHA... that's the definition of a real man!

  • Ever notice how male birds will fluff up their feathers arounds female? Or how other male animals present themselves when females are around?

    Human males do the same thing with style.


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