When I have a bad day...What is up with f*cking inconsiderate SOBs?

When I have a bad day, why the h*ll does it seem like everyone is pissing me off? lol. I know this is so random ,but I mean, people sometimes like are so f*cking inconsiderate like on the bus or at a store w/e. they don't move out of your way when you want to get off (idk if they want to get hit by my backpack or w/e) or at the store the chicks at the register aren't at all polite, they eye you or w/e. I dress decent (I'm hot actually) but this is like my rant about how if people know you are having a bad day, they seem to make it worse...and I tell them, 'trust me, you don't want to mess with me right now ;

I also have a quick temper which is so so not good lol. one of the worst traits that I have...lol. I'm so funny. Anyways, why do some people seem to just want to make my day worst? D*mn it!


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  • Like the first answerer said. The negative with seemed magnified if you're already angry. If you're feeling happy and someone p*sses you off it won't seem as big a deal


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  • When it rains it pours. I have bad days (especially on Mondays) so I am more in tune with the negative versus the positive. If I am having a great day and someone cuts me off I am less likely to let it get to me than if I am in a bad mood.