Why does it seem like my appearance changes on a daily basis ?

Why do I on some days, look pretty and on others days I look sh*tty? And no, its not all in my head. I can actually tell how I look on a gvn day by other other people treat me . Is there any way I can have pretty face days maybe everyday, instead of something that happens in twice a month?

Can any of you relate to me? I know this may be more relevant to girls...


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  • Using different make-up? Because if its not in your head (the way you perceive things) it could only be that. Or you have some illness that messes with your head. Because if you really think that your skin and bone structure changes from day to day you are insane :)

    • No my makeup rouine never changes, I swear my appearances xhanges randomly without any reason. Like incould have pigged out on junk food the previous day but I would have my 'pretty day' the day afterwards... And when indo work out or eat right, I may have my ugly day right afterwards

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  • the thing is the body fluctuates so much..ESPECIALLY in girls due to hormones..

    certain things like bloating...pimples..oilier skin..not showering..etc..can change your appearance..especially the bloating in girls..

    one tip I have is drink more water..wash face alot..shower alot..exercise...wear makeup..cute jewelry..it depends on WHAT you feel makes you ugly certain days..

  • I know what you are talking about. I know this girl who is absolutely beautiful sometimes and then on other days I'm like wtf happened to her? I guess when she's looking good, she's got a positive energy, smiling, and expressive. She looks clean and put together. On her bad days she's dragging, her hairs all frazzled and she's slumming it. She's a scientist so I can understand what the long hours in the lab can do to a girl but damn. The transition is huge.


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