Why do girls often assume being attractive means being stupid?

Girls often make the assumption that just because a girl is beautiful or sexy or just considered attractive by guys, she's stupid or not smart. It seems to me the girls who make these assumptions tend to be average or below average and they think they have the bomb diggity personality and out of jealousy, they try to find reasons to make themselves appear "better" than their attractive counterparts.

I don't ask this because I think I'm the hottest thing since sliced bread, I just find it odd that girls put other girls down to that extent.

What are your opinions?


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  • they're mad because they're ugly.

    seriously only girls who don't feel pretty say that to make themselves feel better. you can't say someone is stupid just because they're cute because there are plenty of unattractive stupid people out there too.


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  • Maybe there is some truth to it? It is a well known fact that good looking people generally get treated better than below average looking people. It stands to reason that a good looking person (man or woman) would have to put forth less effort in school to achieve the same results.

    If that is the case, it is probably a negligible difference, but perhaps there is a kernel of truth?

    • So I guess there's truth that the smart girls who judge these girls are often the socially awkward ones who get ignored by guys?

    • That could very well be, of course this is all just spit-balling, I have no idea if there is any truth to it.

  • Yes, there are some jealous girls out there that hate attractive girls for no reason at all. Shamefully, it only serves to highlight how ugly they can be on the inside (no matter what they look like outside). We are all born with what we are born with on the outside, for better or for worse. There's no point of making your insides ugly because some pretty girl walks by. Nuff' said.

  • Well I know you directed this at girls, but I do tend to think that some hottie's think that just because they are attractive they think they can get by on that alone. :-P

    Of course that just sets me up for the surprise when they prove me wong.

    • They think that because they can. Society has always valued them more and even men value attractive women more(not that it's a bad thing). But uggo with a brain vs beauty with no intelligence...uggo isn't gonna be given a chance

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  • Most smart women are pretty much together in most aspects of their lives. In addition to being well-read, they take care of their bodies, their diets, their skin, and their hair.

    They aren't just academically smart, they have common sense, and they enjoy being attractive to themselves and others.. Including those of the opposite gender.

  • Mmmmm I don't. Maybe young girls do. Stupid is stupid. Sometimes girls who are extremely intelligent are compelled to dum it down in order to become more approachable

    • Well yeah, I'm young. So, I guess it's a teenage girl thing. of course not all girls do this but a fair amount do

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    • I think guys on here trying to talk down the situation, but, why do you think those girls continue to do it? It's not because guys are putting their foots down and are talking about how annoying it is. Those girls are only fueled by the fact that guys in real life don't whine and bitch about it.

    • I can only speak from an intelligent girls view (not that I am one). Society values girls mainly for their looks not brains. Male nerds and Geeks = hot. Female nerds or geeks , not so much. IMO if you have both then your golden. but that equals a threat to an average male. Why? I'm guessing men have a need to shine and be needed. A woman who is highly intelligent doesn't fit the mold. Again this my guess.

  • nope, I don't think that way, the person actually has to say/do stupid things, it doesn't have to do with their looks.


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