Do women prefer a man with a six pack abs or without? Why?

Women, I'm working out and almost can see my abs. I hear it's a great babe magnet.

However, I hear that women can get intimidated by them as well. views anyone?
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Most Helpful Girl

  • I didn't vote because I could take them or leave them 6 pack ABS are hot and a guy without the 6 pack ABS is hot too. Just so you know not everyone can get them it depends on the genetic make up and how much muscle mass a person has. With that being said I could care less what a guys body looks like or if he's attractive or not. I find myself being more attracted to the guys personality and who a guy is then whata guys looks are. If you think of it this way you can have a connection with the person only based on who they are your only physically attracted to looks and looks are only skin deep.


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What Girls Said 3

  • Abs on a guy are a bonus and I'm not intimidated by them at all..

  • great abs are attractive

  • I do find them hot, but it's not going to be a turn off if you don't have a six pack. My boyfriend doesn't have a six pack, but then again, his arms are RIPPED. I like it. :)


What Guys Said 1

  • I think the woman will prefer a guy with a six pack as opposed to a beer belly.

    But it isn't a babe "magnet". As in, girls will not suddenly start approaching you, just because you have a six pack.

    You will still need to do the approaching. So if you thought developing a sixpack would save you from having to ask girls out, you're mistaken.

    Just letting you know now, before you get all embittered or something later on...


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